Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Einstein, the sheep, and the witch

Doesn't quite have the same ring to it as The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe, but everyone had their own ideas about costumes this year, so it was a fairly motley crew of trick-or-treaters at our house tonight.

halloween 2006

I love Halloween, even on a cold snow-covered night like tonight. I like the cheerfulness of children on the street, I like opening my door to neighbours, I like sneaking peeks into other people's homes (who knew that our bachelor neighbour played the organ?), I like costumes, I like jack-o-lanterns, I like candy, I like wandering around outside with my kids, and I like the momentary feeling of community on our block.

The children are growing up, though. Nikki and Julie made plans with their friends (which included roaming the richer neighbourhoods because they give out better loot), so it was only Maddie and I making our way around the block. Nonetheless, it was a treat walking around with her, listening to her chat happily to everyone she met on the street and remembering to say Thank You (and then proudly reporting to me "Mom, I remembered my manners at FOUR houses in a row!")

Some days, I think my heart will burst with love for these children I've been entrusted with.


Melissa said...

Oh my goodness. They are SO CUTE! And Einstein, the sheep, and the witch? WAY better than the lion the witch and the wardrobe. Who would want to be a wardrobe for Halloween anyway?

Your family is beautiful!

The very nice man said...

Brilliant picture and cute story!
Don't you just love kids?!!!

ccap said...

Oh my gosh. Julie looks delightful as Einstein!

Karla said...

Terrific costumes! The little witch nose on Maddie is priceless.

The weather here was actually quite warm last night, but I kind of miss having to put on a winter snow suit under my costume when I was a kid trick or treating.

Joyce said...

looks like we successfully navigated another halloween, eh Heather? Your kids look fantastic.

Amber said...

They are SOOOOO adorable!

vicki said...

adorable! simply adorable.

I peek in houses too. =) I love to look at wall colors. Do you think their WHOLE house is THAT clean or just the entry way?

Pamela said...

I enjoy the children so muh

I agree woth you on the houses
I enjoy smelling the different odors too
every home is unique

Gina said...

They look great! Good job on the costumes, Heather.

Lately, I have been looking at Mr. P and feeling exactly the same as you. Like my heart will just burst with how wonderful he is.

Liz said...

Great costumes! They look so cute.

Sheryl said...

Those are great costumes. I love the homemade ones.

I used to go out with my girlfriend and her kids and I never realized, I do the house thing too! Too funny.

BarnGoddess said...

they look so CUTE!!!

You have a lovely family :)

Give them extra hugs

tlawwife said...

Fabulous costumes. I was never good at that.

Bobita said...

I had a similar experience for Halloween. My daughter was absolutely adorable as she excitedly exclaimed, "Thank you! Happy Halloween!" at each house. She was out-of-her-skin excited! Which left me with a huge grin on my face all night long!

The Passarelli's said...

They look great. I love Einstein!

Coll said...

Love the costumes.
Yes.. I too like Halloween for all the same reasons. My best Halloween ever was when I took my granddaughter out for her first Halloween experience. It took her awhile to figure out that we were not supposed to enter into the living room of every house when we knocked on the door. :-)

Anonymous said...

Oh wow, those are fabulous costumes!

They are adorable.