Wednesday, October 18, 2006

This post is solely for the purpose of making my brother jealous

This afternoon, I took my corporate credit card, walked down the street, and bought the following toys:

So the next time I go to Africa (which will probably be in January or February), I get to lug this baby around and snap me some real good pics! Jealous yet?

I'm just trying to catch up for the whole year of jealousy you caused me back in 1991.


bbb said...

It worked! Both the toys and the trip(s)!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm a proud owner of the D50 myself. Nice looking flash.. that I do not have.

New toys are fun, aren't they?

Marnie (anon because Blogger sucks)

andrea said...

I officially hate you. Just when I was starting to like you. :)

ccap said...

Oooh. Fancy.

BarnGoddess said...

Iam very JEALOUS!!!!