Thursday, October 12, 2006

Can I ask you a few questions?

1. When you open my blog, does the background come up as black with brown text? A couple of people have complained that it's hard to read, but it's SUPPOSED to be a light tan colour with black text. I have no idea why it looks different for some people. If you have any ideas, let me know.

2. Why is it that just when you've whipped your budget into shape, finally gotten to a place where you're not living pay cheque to pay cheque and actually have a small but growing emergency fund, your computer monitor starts screeching, smoke starts pouring out the back, and then suddenly Gina's blog shrinks to a tiny peephole in the centre of the screen? (Sigh. Guess the good news is that the small emergency fund at least afforded us a nice flatscreen that I'm quite enjoying.)

3. Has anyone heard from Laura? Her blog disappeared and she's not responding to e-mail. I'm starting to miss her, and so is Liz.

4. Should I be nice to the deliquent graphic designer whom I turfed and who has now come grovelling?

5. How long does it take for a ruptured eardrum to heal? 'Cause I'm getting kinda sick of yelling at Maddie who's nearly deaf these days.

6. Do you tell the truth on your blog? 'Cause MJ's post makes me wonder who's truthful and who's making it all up. I suck at lying, so it's hard to fathom people who would concoct a completely fabricated persona. Just so you know, I can tell you that ccap, michele, linda, ap, pamero, corrie, and krista all tell the truth, because I know them - in person. And now that I've met karla, I'm pretty convinced she tells the truth too (at least that lump in her stomach sure doesn't look like a pillow). Ask any one of them, and I'm pretty sure they'll vouch for me too, 'cause I ain't no liar (though I might embellish for effect now and then).


Michele said...

don't know if i can remember all your questions... but here goes to some of them...

1. although it started out brown on black, which looked cool but was pretty illegible, the last few times it's been fine.

2. cause budgets are NEVER meant to have a surplus. enjoy the flat screen.

3. nothing on laura. maybe she wans't really there?

4. don't be nice. keep him grovelling. tell him if he sends you something by monday you might use it. be MEAN, as mean as you can be. don't give him more than the weekend or he'll be back to the same crap. I MEAN THIS!! boundaries, my dear.

5. no idea about the eardrum.

6. have stayed away from people that i don't know because of this. the whole online thing seems strange sometimes. except i can't resist joyce or joannemski. they are too cool to be fakers.

7. i think jed is mourning his manhood. he's sitting on my lap whimpering. maybe i should have sprung for painkillers.

Michele said...

oops you didn't ask a 7th question.

juniper68 said...

1. Mine comes up light brown with black. (It'll probably depend on what browser they're using - my husband is a graphic designer for A Major Web Retailer and he spends most of his time making things work in all possible browsers. there's no one in charge out there, so there's no rules...)

2. Glad to hear that emergency in your house means what it would mean at my house - "we need a flat screen!"

3. dont know her

4. only if has come grovelling with the project in hand

5. hmm, well i'm 37 years old and still have hearing aids and occasional earaches. not to freak you out or anything...

6. Well, the truth and the facts are really different things, arent they?

Gina said...

Man, I feel responsible for the blowup! I knew my blog was bad, but...

Your blog looks wonderful.

No-do NOT give in to him. I did this too many times as a supervisor and I finally learned my lesson.

Sorry, those were totally out of order!

Kuan Gung said...

Just maybe... ;)

Liz said...

I thought your background was tan and the writing was dark brown. Hmmm, maybe it is black.

We never seem to be able to get to the point of boosting our savings. Something always needs fixing. Usually it's a car problem.

That's so strange how Laura just disappeared.

I wrote about lying on my blog once. Something about how could you know if I was telling the truth or not. Except most of the people who read it actually know me, so I probably wouldn't be able to get away with a lie. Plus, my kids read it and they would call me out on a lie!

wordgirl said...

Your blog looks tan with darker writing. I can read it just fine. I love the look of it. And I have to tell the truth on my blog...too many people know me and read it.

Karla said...

Hi Heather
I use both IE and Firefox browsers. Your blog looks fine in IE, but is hard to read in firefox. Also, that wonderful picture of you at the top does not show up in firefox. Welcome to the wonderful world of browser incompatibility.

I can pretty much garantee that I did not make myself look 20 lbs heavier in real life. My goodness, what kind of crazy person would do that?

The very nice man said...

I'm sure you didn't want my answers but here they are:

1. Looks like tan with dark brown colour (probably a question of monitor setting?)
2. Yeah, it's like some freakish test of our resolve not to give up!
3. No idea
4. Be nice but don't overturn your decision!
5. Have her checked over (again).
6. Yes I do tell the truth because half the fun and relief is to be able to do so.
If someone gets off on using their blog to constantly lie, then be my guest. It's your freaky life!

doc said...

Hi, you don't know me, but I know you read Laura. Almost nothing Laura wrote about was the truth - trust me on this. If you want to know more, well, you probably don't, so, I'd say, just let it go. I wrote a post about it on my blog. (My Ordinary Day) Be happy you didn't get sucked into her made up drama.

I see tan with brown text.

Budgets are like schedules - they don't work. I wrote a series of articles on goal setting; they may be of some use to you. They're listed in the sidebar of my blog.

Groveling is worse than delinquent, unless you get a present.

Ruptured eardrums heal in about a month.

I tell the truth, and that hasn't really done me much good. Too many people can't handle "the truth" and expect something else from their online experiences, usually affirmation of their own poor choices.

How did I know you posted? I'm not a stalker. I kept track of Laura's readers because I knew, I just knew, something was going to happen, and people would wonder where she was.

Joyce said...

1. background is gorgeous, peaceful
2. had a small nest egg, brother got sick,I took lots of time off work, van cost $1100 to repair, husband put out back, got absessed knee, couldn't work. I won't tell you how much deeper into my LOC I am now because its too humiliating. Lesson learned: Never have a nest egg. Bad things will happen.
3.Laura is a liar. I heard it from doc.
4. be nice, but be assertive.
5. son ruptured ear drum multiple times as a toddler. was never hard of hearing. I can help you not at all.
6.Okay, so my real name is Taffi, I rarely wear underwear,I actually have 12 children whom I homeschool in a trailer. I'm so sorry if I have offended any of my readers. I don't even own a computer. All this is done on a conventional typewriter saved from 1984.

J said...

Your blog looks fine to me, tan background with darker writing, and I can see the nice picture up top in both IE and Firefox, though I don't have Safari on this computer.

Don't know Laura...

As for the truth thing...I don't know. If it comes out that someone is a complete fake, different than they've been pretending, is that really so bad? Yes, it's dishonest, but also maybe a creative outlet of sorts? As long as they're not hurting anyone? I don't know. I'm not a good liar, too hard to keep the story straight, etc, so I always tell the truth on my blog. What you see is what you get.

Sorry about the budget. Just be glad you had the nest egg, because the computer would be just as broken if you didn't, and now you have a nice flat screen. :)

Anonymous said...

Your blog looks great to me.

No nest egg here. Nice laptop though.

I remember Laura

Stand your ground. Except no excuses.

My daughter ruptured her ear drum, it healed rather quickly, but was annoying until it did.

Goodness. I would hope that if I were telling lies, I'd come up with better stuff than I do!

Judy - www.judyh58.blogspot.com

VAIL said...

Your blog looks fine to me!
I always tell the truth, but my blog is completely anonymous (and pretty much unread). But I have it that way, so I can be honest.

Linda said...

1.The blog is a lovely tan background with dark brown font with a picture of a lovely woman and her journal :)
2. Our nest egg was not large enough to cover the new water line we needed this summer-$3500.00. At least you can see your money. All I can see is a little blue metal thingy on the side of my house surrounded with grave. I'm waiting for someone to clean it up. Ha Ha. That would be me.
3. Don't know anything about Laura.
4. I say keep 'im sweating.
5. Eric's eardrum broke once and his hearing didn't seem to suffer too much. Tim's on the other hand has suffered but no broken ear drum. Do you think it could be the selective hearing that people talk about?
6. I do not lie on my blog. It is really true that I am a size 4, 5' 8" tall and I love all animals. I never get angry and I love all people too.

Linda said...

The blue thingy is surrounded by gravel, GRAVEL not a grave. Oh I hope my neighbours don't read this blog....

Anonymous said...

I have a mac and your blog looks tan with a dark brown font. It's very nice on my eyes, which usually have to squint at everything. I know different browsers can make things look different. Sometimes I go to sites and they don't like my browser and I get a message telling me to use another one.

I don't know anything about ruptured ear drums. My son did have a few ear infections when he was small and I seem to remember there being some kind of ear drops that had an anisthetic effect and stopped the pain for a while. Of course I can't remember the name or anything. I'm sure that was incredibly helpful.

I don't lie on my blog, but I think there are enough frightening pictures of me on it to erase all suspicion that I might be. ;)

Bobita said...

Everyone has really good answers to your questions...so, I'm going to focus on the lying thing. I spoke to a blogger by phone some time this summer because I was soooo curious about a comment that she left on a blog that we both read. Her comment mentioned that after Blogher, she immediately eliminated a few women from her blogroll. She felt as if they had misrepresented themselves on their blogs...and she was really disappointed when she met them face-to-face.

Since I had never heard of such a thing, I asked if we could talk about the circumstances, etc...because I was so very interested in the whole thing. When we spoke, she explained further and made a REALLY interesting observation. Her experience at Blogher led her to conclude that there are some people out there who keep a blog because...they just don't have any people skills in real life. The internet is the only way that they can interact with others and not fail. If you were to meet such a person in real life, they might not seem to be the person they were on their blog.

As for me, there are certainly some things that I simply DO NOT discuss on my blog. Some of my family members, my very close friends and my mentor all read my blog...and there are some things that I could write that would be very offensive to one or all of them. The things that I do write about come from the very depths of me.

In all honesty, though, there are probably some things about me that you could only know by meeting me...but hopefully those things would be a PLEASANT surprise!!

(Now I am terribly curious about Laura, though!)

Stephanie said...

1. I can read it just fine now! It was dark, but now it's not. Hooray!
2. Ah, budgets. Both our computers crashed yesterday, and I managed to get one up and somewhat running until we have money to get a new one. Bleh.
3. Not aware of who Laura is, but the whole story sounds very interesting.
4. If he turns in something by Monday, give him another tight deadline (even a made up one) and see if he meets it. Otherwise, ditch him.
5. It usually takes a couple weeks. Jason ruptured his last summer, and it took about a month before his hearing returned to normal.
6. I'm a truth teller all the way. I will sometimes reword phrases that I said to people or that people said to me so that they are grammatically correct. (which makes me suddenly feel rather nerdish for admitting)