Monday, October 02, 2006

Don’t miss me too much (but miss me a little)

I’m leaving on a business trip to Toronto tonight, so I’ll drop out of sight for a few days. I’ll be staying in a lovely bed & breakfast in downtown Toronto in a turn-of-the-century character home, so I don’t expect I’ll have internet access. Last year I stayed in a similar B&B on a business trip, and after that I’ve been determined to skip the boring corporate hotels as often as I can and find interesting B&B’s instead.

I like business trips, as long as they’re not too long (this one’s 3 nights – about the perfect length), I have a bit of free time wherever I’m going, and the destination is a reasonably interesting place. There’s always good and bad in every trip. Here’s what I’m looking forward to and not looking forward to on this particular trip:

Looking forward to:
- The plane rides. I like flying.
- People-watching in airport lobbies.
- Sleeping through the night (hopefully) without any kid interruptions. (I had to change sheets AGAIN last night.)
- Wandering.
- Seeing my friend Laurel. She’s one of my oldest (by that I mean longest, not that she’s old) friends and we have a whole lot of history together. We built teepees in the bush behind our house when we were kids, rode horses, went trick-or-treating on her Halloween birthday, went back-packing in the mountains together when we were all grown up, were roommates twice (in Banff and Winnipeg), and a whole lot in between. Then she moved out East and we haven’t seen each other much since.
- Getting to meet Karla. Yay!
- Going to a Famous People Players show (part of a staff retreat).
- Reading a book uninterrupted.
- Eating in restaurants.
- Some quiet space for just me. Rejuvenation.

Not looking forward to:
- Too many meetings.
- Two of them are full day meetings which I have to facilitate. Sometimes I enjoy that, but sometimes it feels like it’s too much responsibility. This is one of those times.
- My agenda’s too full. There’s not enough time for wandering and meeting people. (Sorry Dale – maybe another time.)
- Being “the boss”. One of the meetings is an annual staff retreat with all of my national staff. Sometimes that feels too heavy for me.
- One particular discussion that has to happen but I know in advance that nobody will agree on it. Blech.
- I’ve been sick for the last 4 days and I’m still coughing and feeling like my head might explode. Flying might not be so much fun after all.
- I’m tired. I hate starting trips already tired. But Maddie has been even more sick than me and consequently, I’ve had rotten nights for about a week now.
- Missing my family. Maddie has been rather cuddly since starting daycare, and I know she’ll miss me more than usual since she’s still adjusting to the change.

Bye for now!


Karla said...

Thank goodness I am on the "Looking Forward Too" list. :)

Safe travels!

Liz said...

Have a great trip Heather! I promise to miss you just the right amount!

Melissa said...

Have a great trip! I promise to miss you the appropriate amount. ;)

Gina said...

Ooooh, I am so jealous that you get to meet Karla! ;)

Have a wonderful time!

I love people-watching at airports, too.

Maria said...

Oh, good hell...I'm going to be jonesin' for your blog. Come back soon and tell us some good stories.

Linda said...

When Kristen was 6 months old, I took her on a business trip (volunteer board). I was on this board for 6 years and just loved the three trips I made every year to the board meetings in Alberta. I think I know just what you are saying!

Maria said...

Um...are you back yet? No hurry, just sort of having some serious hand trembling here, waiting for my Heather fix.

Dale said...

Well, it's Thursday and, to quote a C&W song, "since my phone still ain't ringin', I assume it still ain't you." LOL!

Hope you're finding time for peaceful solitude, Heather.

J said...

Have a great time. I have only been to Toronto once, and I really liked it. Hope you get a better B&B than we did...the toilet backed up all over the floor. GROSS! It was ok, though, we just moved to another hotel. We had GREAT ethiopian food there, and GREAT carribean food. ENJOY sleeping!

The Passarelli's said...

Just checking!

Joyce said...

do I remember Laurel?

Heather said...

Yes, Joyce, you probably remember Laurel as she was in Banff the same time you were.