Monday, October 16, 2006

These things are completely unrelated, but I feel like writing them anyway

I am no domestic diva. Not even close. Tonight, it was nearly 6:00 by the time the girls and I got home from dropping Marcel off at university and everyone was hungry. For supper we had spring rolls, scrambled eggs, and raw veggies. Odd combination, but it worked and the girls loved it. In my defense, at least the spring rolls were hand-made, bought from a farmers' market.

I am quite proud to be friends with Linda and Michele today. They show up to help out with all kinds of things I ask of them - they've catered meals, helped with some writing projects, babysat my kids when we were in a jam, and today they helped stuff envelopes for a massive mailing we're doing at work. Not only were they gracious enough to show up, they're the interesting and fun kind of friends you love to introduce to your coworkers to prove what a cool person you really are for having friends like that. (I'm quite fond of their sister Yvonne too, but she wasn't there today.)

My children are upstairs fighting when they're supposed to be clearing the table. I'm choosing to ignore it. Here's hoping no blood is shed.

My new favourite show is Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip. I watch very few other shows with any kind of regularity (except maybe Amazing Race and occasionally Corner Gas, the greatest Canadian show on TV), but I'm totally hooked on this one. It has some of the smartest writing I've seen in a long time, the actors have the amazing ability to be both funny and serious on the same show, Matthew Perry has great comic timing, they have cool guest appearances (Sting!! Does it get much cooler than that?), and they actually treat Christianity with respect with a strong and funny character who reflects the kind of fun and real Christianity I want to be part of. For one of the best monologues in recent television, check out the following clip...

One of my favourite lines... "There's always been a struggle between art and commerce. And I'm telling you - art is getting its ass kicked!"


Michele said...

must say i am quite fond of you, too. glad that my "anyone have any hobbies?" question wasn't too embarrassing, as in "oh i have such a nerdy friend and this isn't a blind date kind of time."

Gina said...

I tried so hard to like Studio 60, but I just can't. I gave up on it, even though I wish I didn't have to. I just can't care about them, and the actress who plays Harriet is a) not funny at all to me and b) annoys me greatly. Not so much her character, but her.


Brian the Mennonite said...

Hi Heather...I belong to Joyce of Chronicles of Blunderview. I just dropped in to see what's up.
And I've never even heard of Studio 60...but that Corner Gas, what a gas that is.
I'll be back.

Anonymous said...

I love Studio 60. Nobody who reads Willowtree, apparently, remotely likes or knows about the West Wing, but I secretly sit there and know the writing is exactly as good because it's written by exactly the same people and OOH Josh is on there! And woo. Matt Perry. Hott.

Okay, this has gone way too far. Try and pretend I didn't gush like that.

Kristin said...

Hi Heather! This is my first time time here, and from the looks of it, am looking forward to stopping by often! Anyone who loves words is totally my kind of gal! :)

So nice to meet you!

Dale said...

Wow! What a monologue! Strong words, indeed! He states quite clearly my reasons for not watching television.

"Television exists for one reason, and one reason only - to sell you things. We'd all do well to remember that."

-Gene Roddenberry-

Hope said...

I adore Corner Gas.... I grew up in Saskatchewan, and the characters are so sterotypical, yet true to life. It cracks me up.
Just caught Studio 60 this week for the first time. I adore matthew perry, for all the same reasons.

Joyce said...

Heather- do you work for Canada foodgrains bank? If so, do you know of Al Kehler?

Heather said...

Yup, Joyce, that's where I work, but I came after Al had left so I don't know him. He's your brother, isn't he? I'd kinda put 2 and 2 together and figured as much by something you'd said on your blog.

He's legendary around here. I've heard so many times about "When Al was here..."

Stephanie said...

We're fans of Studio 60 too. We love it almost as much as Sorkin's West Wing episodes but not quite as much (since WW had the advantage of bringing up political issues that Jason and I could in true nerd fashion debate after the show). But still. Studio 60. Fabulous. I haven't seen last night's episode yet on account of it being on too late for us so, we always tape it and watch in on Tuesdays.

Linda said...

I'm also proud to call you a friend! And an interesting one to boot. Thanks for lunch.

Coll said...

Would you believe.. I have never seen this show. Must watch it next week. :-)

Liz said...

I like Studio 60 too, but I missed Monday's episode because I was sleeping on the couch. I have a hard time staying awake for an hour show that starts at 10. Love Matthew Perry though, so I keep trying.