Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Okay that's quite enough sadness for one blog!

Before you all run screaming from my blog for fear that I might drag you deep into the pit of despair, I promise I'll place a moratorium on depressing posts for awhile. Seriously, now that that's out of my system, I will turn to happy thoughts.

Our life is good. Really good. Sometimes we miss our son, and sometimes we commemorate some of the pain that has shaped us over the years, but mostly, we are a complete and content family. We rejoice in life. We rejoice that even though Matthew didn't survive, Marcel did, and so did the three beautiful girls we are so honoured to raise.

And because we're all a little tired of heavy stuff, we decided that instead of a memorial, we'd throw a party for Matthew. First there were the balloons at his grave, then there was the ice cream. Doesn't every six year old want ice cream at their party?

We have so much to celebrate. Matthew came to our lives, touched us, and then left us. We are grateful for the brief moments he lived in our midst.

Maybe next year, I'll start a new tradition. We'll throw an annual "September's not such a bad month after all" party. Wanna come?


ccap said...

Comment #1: I loved the idea of the balloons. Should have told you that when I ran into you.
Comment #2: And since you're looking through rose-colored glasses for this post I should say this: I think that through the sadness of Matthew's birth/death you became closer as a family and closer to your community. Not something that you would have wished for at the time and not something I would have said to you at that time (hardly appropriate sympathy words) but at least there was some sunshine after the rain.

Anvilcloud said...

I remember Gary Zukav being on Oprah years ago. A mother was distraught after losing her child; she couldn't seem to go on. He asked her to consider the possibility that The Universe's purpose for the child had been fulfilled in his short life on Earth. I think the mother found that comforting, as do I.

Michele said...

i'll be there. and i'll bring cake. or a salad. you pick.

Gina said...

I think that is just a wonderful, wonderful thing to do.

If there's ice cream, I am so there! ;)

The very nice man said...

Definitely want to come!
Invitations in good time, please!!
Big hugs!

ccap'sboy said...

I've thought alot lately about Marcel and Matthew. I remember both of those days so clearly...getting the call from the hospital about Marcel being found, and years later when Marcel called and told me about Matthew. Those days were incredibly difficult, and your little family handled it with such strength and grace.

Count me in on the party; I wouldn't miss it for the world.

Dale said...


Liz said...

Party? Did someone say party? Count me in!!

Joyce said...

yes. September has a different ring to it for me now too. Your story is just O.U.C.H. A party is the VERY best antidote.

Linda said...

What a great way to celebrate a life that has impacted and shaped you all.