Saturday, September 02, 2006

I came. I saw. I JUMPED!

About all I have the energy to say tonight is... it. was. AMAZING! Did I say amazing? No, that's far too small a word. INCREDIBLE! LIFE-CHANGING! STRATOSPHERICAL! (is that a word?) I promise, I'll tell you more tomorrow, but I am about as exhausted as I've ever been in my life. Worth it though. Definitely worth it. (Note: click on the play button twice.)


Anvilcloud said...


Dale said...

Oh My WORD!! You DID it! You MANIAC woman, you!! Oh man.. I am looking forward to reading about this!!

Gina said...

Wow Heather! Was that a solo jump?

In the US, that would mean you would have had to have some jumps with an instructor. Have you been hiding something from us!

But good for you, I remember you have had this on your "list" right?

Cross it off, sista!

Kuan Gung said...


bbb said...

I can't even BEGIN to tell you how jealous I am, but I'm still delighted for you!!! :-)

Way to go!

The Passarelli's said...

My hands are sweating just watching you. Wow!

darien said...

Hey Heather, I'm so jealous! That looks like a blast, and I have wanted to try it for years....but can't because of pesky little seizures. So, I'm living vicariously. Very cool!

Liz said...

Wow! Now you can cross that off your list!

Marcel's breathing seemed a little heavy there toward's the end!

Accidental Poet said...

Cool!! Where did you go?

The very nice man said...

Holy crayfish!! How very courageous of you!! Well done!
As for me . . . being a coward by birth, I would rather nail a 6-inch rusty nail through my toe than going up there and jumping out of a perfectly good plane!
You absolutely MUST give us a blow-by-blow (or should this be drop-by-drop?) account of it all!

Anonymous said...

On my list as well.
Good for you.
I am soooooo jealous.
I can hardly wait to read the words you use to describe flying. Oh my god.
No wonder you are exhausted. The adreneline must have flowed.
good on ya.


Judy said...

I have 'scrub kitchen floor' on my list.

So glad you WANTED to, and were able to!

Melissa said...

WOW! Congratulations! :)

Linda said...

Marcel sounded awfully relieved once you came down.;) Way to go!

Karla said...

Wow. Have I ever been missing all the action in blogland. That is way super neato! You are a brave brave adventerous woman. Too cool!