Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Feels a little like frantic

- sharpen all the pencils (do they REALLY need 20 pencils?)
- write post-dated cheques for lunch fees
- "Mom, I don't have clean underwear for tomorrow."
- where are the gym bags from last year?
- do you have running shoes for gym?
- "Mom, this looks like a 1 inch binder instead of a 2 inch binder."
- fill out registration form for daycare
- write cheque for daycare
- write cheque for school fees (no, that's NOT the same as lunch fees - way too many fees)
- "Mom do I HAVE to take a bath?"
- throw load of laundry in the washing machine - make sure it includes underwear
- "Mom, I don't have gym shorts for tomorrow."
- add gym shorts to the load in the washing machine
- write names on hundreds of pencils and crayons and pens and notebooks
- "Mom, where's the shampoo?"
- phone family members for emergency contact information for daycare registration form
- wipe sour cream from supper off the table so it doesn't end up on school supplies
- "Mom, are there any clean towels?"
- find kleenex boxes and paper towels, add them to school supplies bag
- make sure backpacks don't have any remainders from last year's lunches moulding in the bottom
- "Mom, I can't fit this all in my backpack. Can you help me find another bag?"
- find a cloth bag for extra school supplies
- look up medical information and doctor's phone number for daycare registration form
- nag daughters to pack lunches
- help daughter open salad dressing container for sandwiches
- "Mom, can I have a pudding for a bedtime snack?" "No!"
- pile up all the extra forms from school in a messy pile to figure out tomorrow what to do with them
- try to find phone number for new piano teacher. Give up. Put that on the mental list of things to do tomorrow.
- nag husband to clean up the supper dishes
- check registration form for soccer try-outs for next spring (why do they HAVE to do this the same week school starts?)
- feel guilty because your daughters can't sign up for all the activities their friends are signed up for
- throw load in dryer
- tell daughters to brush their teeth and get ready for bed
- "Mom, can I have some grapes?"
- "Mom, can I have some juice?"
- "Maddie, leave Mom alone. Can't you tell she's getting frustrated?"
- check school supplies list one last time
- look around the increasingly messy house and worry about it getting worse once husband is in school full time
- try to remember whether I threw the load in the dryer
- kiss daughters good night
- sit down at computer feeling on the edge of frantic


I hate the night before the first day of school.


Gina said...

Man, I hate that feeling.

It will get better!

oshee said...

We are now in the third, or is it forth? week of school. I am already tired of the homework.

Time to get organized all over again.

Good luck!

Dale said...

Wow! Breathe, Heather. Just breathe. You'll find the rhythm again. You'll rediscover your stride and so will the girls. Funny, you know. I never got to experience that frazzled feeling with my kids. And I wish I had.

Liz said...

You have captured the frantic-ness (sorry, I don't feel like figuring out a real word) of back to school very well!

Judy said...

Thank you for sharing that.

I will be smiling all day.

So glad my children are adults!

Give that youngest daughter of yours a hug from me. I'm a 'third' daughter.

ccap said...

Hope you have a chance to relax this morning after you send the girls off.

Michele said...

kinda makes you want to jump out of a plane, doesn't it?

for next year: michele's back to school hint #1. if all the other kids have their name on every fricking pencil, then why not just say that the one without the name is our's? if we lose a few, i just don't care about pencils that much. and they DON'T NEED 20! (i suppose that's hint number 2).

Linda said...

Oh yes. I hear you Heather. I usually forgot several things on the first day so my first day streched out into a frantic first week. (Waddya mean you need a bag of mints for the teacher? And do you guys need 26 boxes of tissues ON THE FIRST DAY?)

pamero said...

I'm smiling too.
I don't even have any kids.
I'm 'third' in line too. And I bet I was every bit, and probably more annoying whenever my mom was trying to get ready for The Big Day. But you know, Third's a charm!!

juniper68 said...

hey, hope things are less frantic today.

and I'm reading back in time - so -
congrats on your big jump!

and - I really resonated with your loneliness post. those early years with the babies are the WORST for that!