Saturday, June 20, 2009

The wreckage continues

After a couple of weeks of having a stressed out, grouchy mom/wife/me in the house, the whole family needed a bit of a release. I officially declared today "Fun Day" and swore off any work.

What better way to celebrate Fun Day than with a good adventure and some journal-wrecking? Oh boy - are you in for a treat with this video! The girls and I really got down to business this time. Basketball, bike-riding, flying lessons - you never know what might be next!

Jamie, I know you didn't do this just for me, but... seriously? This whole thing could not possibly have come at a better time! Wreckage, creativity, playfulness, release, connecting with other like-minded "wreck-stars"? Turns out it's just what the doctor ordered!

Now sit back, relax, grab a Slurpee, and enjoy!


organicsyes said...

Wow! What a glorious day! Thanks for sharing:)

Sharon said...

Perfect! I like the hat book!

Kate said...

Wow! what a fantastic video you did. I love all the wreckage you did and getting the kids involved too is always fun.


Rose said...

I love your video! You obviously have a family of wreck stars who know how to have fun!

Kavindra said...

Hilarious! Your girls are gonna tell their grandkids about this one day.

That youngest girl is having TOO good a time. I wanna come wreck with you guys. Please???

ANd I am so glad I lingered past the end to the credits and disclaimer.

Olivia said...

Oh, what a GREAT Fun Day! I know it was beneficial for you, Heather, but even how much more for your daughters. Girls are taught to be sweet, to sit with their legs together, to be clean and neat; how freeing to just have fun with mom letting out some good energy!

I really liked how creative you were with your wrecking.

So much energy in your videos, as always!

Love, O

Anonymous said...

Fabulous video, Fun Day is an excellent idea!

I think your expectations for yourself are pretty high; give yourself a break. You amaze me at all that you do - you are so creative and you are teaching your girls such important life lessons not just feeding and clothing them. Clearly you are doing an amazing job at work - look at all you've accomplished and how far the organization has come during your tenure.

Love the polka dot room!


Leah said...

Love it!!! What a great feel good video. Thanks for the smiles! :-)

Jamie Ridler said...

You found it! A cure for the Grumpies! You're all Wreck Stars!

Liz said...

Awesome Heather, Nikki, Julie and Maddie! Looks like you all had a truly fun day!

Linda said...

What fun! Thanks for sharing that day with your blogger friends!

Connie said...

This video is awesome!!! I was smiling and laughing the whole way through...and now I totally want to hang out with you and your chicas!!! How fun!!

Peace & Love.