Thursday, June 29, 2006

You made her feel welcome - and now can I ask you for another favour?

Thank you for welcoming the cool Nikki to blogworld. She's tickled pink with all her comments.

Now can you oblige me one more time and welcome another new blogger? Want some more hints?

- she's a spunky freckled redhead with a great sense of humour
- she's a whiz at school
- she read all of the Harry Potter books by the time she was eight
- she loves to bake (and eat) cakes and cookies

Yup, I'm the proud mom doing my best to raise writers!


Accidental Poet said...

Only because you spelled favoUr properly ...

Janet said...


You are such a proud mother -- and deservedly so, too! I'll give BOTH new blogs a comment this morning!



Stephanie said...

What very cool daughters you have! Bloggers! I'm off to drop them a comment.

Liz said...

The link for Julie's blog is not working for me, but:

I have a freckly red-head too who is also a whiz at school. Does everyone ask her where she gets the red hair? When Emily was younger, she would get so tired of the question. I told her to just say, "it came with my head".

Simply Coll said...

Oh my way over to say hi. :-)