Monday, June 05, 2006

Well that REALLY sucks

After the emotional high of yesterday’s graduation, we got bad news this morning. Really sucky, energy-draining kind of news. Marcel didn’t get accepted into the Education program for the fall. That’s always been his plan – get a 3 year History degree, and then a 2 year Education degree so he could teach High School History. Now the plan has hit the rails.

I’m flabbergasted. I never even let myself CONSIDER the possibility that he wouldn’t get in. I was sure he had EVERYTHING in his favour. He’s mature, he’s male (they always say they want more male teachers), he’s got good marks, he’s dedicated, he’s got lots of experience with kids, he’s French, he had amazing reference letters from highly respected people… I just assumed that would put him leaps and bounds ahead of the average “fresh out of high school” university student.

But apparently I was wrong. Turns out they only let in 5 history students, with a GPA of 3.7 and higher. Did they not READ his portfolio? Doesn’t a 3.2 GPA, after 22 years out of school count for a whole lot more than a 3.7 right out of high school?

Not only that, but it turns out that the integrated students – those who start off at the beginning of their university education taking both their BA and B.ED simultaneously – are a shoe-in regardless of their marks. In other words, if he’d started that way, he would have been fine and wouldn’t have had to compete with the 3.7 and above crowd. But no one told him that when they gave him the option of doing it separately or simultaneously. (And I was there during his initial interview, so I KNOW they didn’t tell him.) He chose the separate option because he was also a stay-at-home dad and couldn’t afford the extra classroom time the integrated program would require. So he gets dinged for his dedication to his kids.

I’m just getting more and more mad as I write this. I think I’ll write a nasty letter to the university. Anyone want to join me? We’ll start a “get Marcel into Education” campaign. He’d make a GREAT teacher. It’s hard to believe he won’t get a shot at it.


Dale said...


Is that it, then? No second chance? Can he not apply again next year? Or attend a different school? I think it's a good idea to write a letter of protest, Heather, but I think it should come from Marcel and not his wife. Beware though. I imagine their position is fairly intractable.

Accidental Poet said...

yeah kinda what Dale said -


Anvilcloud said...

Yes, it really does suck. Gotta be a way to use the French. Take a few more courses this year, and then try to get into Ed using language rather than history?

Hope said...

Unacceptable, unforgiveable AND undropable,
lucky he's a determined guy, he'll find away. There's always Alberta
Fine Universities, booming economy, and well.......... me.
Heads up. March on.

Linda said...

They must have made a mistake. I can't believe it! I'll sign the petition.

Hope said...

tagged. when ya quit fumin

Janet said...

Heather, SURELY there are other options...although it sounds like the best one is gone. I'm so sorry. Doesn't seem at all fair to me.



Gina said...

Yes, is there anywhere else he can go? Or perhaps start something online and finish at the "real" school so that he doesn't lose a lot of time?

He does indeed sound like he would be a great asset to teaching, they are crazy not to have accepted him!

I would go to the University and have a nice long chat with someone, they can ALWAYS make exceptions...