Thursday, June 29, 2006

Keep it in your pants man!

I may not be a perfect parent, I may yell at them from time to time, I may get impatient and ignore them when I've got something I want to do, I may forget to do the laundry and send them to school with mis-matched socks... BUT at least I don't leave my sleeping child in the car while I prowl for HOOKERS! AND THEN FORGET WHERE I PARKED!

The fact that someone could do such an utterly ridiculous, irresponsible thing without facing charges leaves me completely dumbfounded. Dumb. founded. Flabber. gasted. (On a completely different note, does anyone know where either of those strange words come from?)


juniper68 said...


You're right, this makes my little bad-mommy moments seem like no big deal at all.

And I didnt get to say Congrats on Cahoots before, but hope it's not too late to say so now! Woohoo to being a Real Riter!


ccap said...

I wonder if the daughter will hear this story some day? Can you imagine the feeling of betrayal?

J said...

Wow. It would be funny, if it weren't true.

My handy dandy Oxford dictionary says of Flabbergasted...."Origin unknown." How's that for not helpful. ;)

Hope said...

I love the word, for me, it's origins are my grannie who used the word often, with dramatic flair.
Their are shitty parents in the world, and then we et them walk. This is where I'd like public ridicule to work it's magic.
I'm trying to talk my son into a blog, or perhaps a visit to the girls.

Dale said...

Stupidity, unfortunately, is still completely legal. Pity, that.

Happy Canada Day, Heather! Have a great weekend.

PS. What's happened to Julie's blog?

Simply Coll said...

To bad there is not some kind of qualifying test before parenthood. Poor little child.