Sunday, June 11, 2006

Hello-o. My house is THIS way. Did you lose your MAP?

Has anyone seen the cleaning fairy? She keeps missing my house and I want to know what's up. If she comes by your house, can you point her in my direction?

I keep sending her messages through the cosmos telling her my house is just the right house to test out all those new heavy-duty magic potions she's been dying to try, but she doesn't seem to get my message. I even leave treats out for her - like the bits of broken cookies on the kitchen floor and the chips my kids left scattered all over the family room last night. But alas, she turns up her nose at my meagre offerings and flutters off somewhere else.

Anyone have any tricks to entice her to visit? I thought perhaps she preferred to work alone, so this afternoon, when the dusting and vacuuming and sweeping and wiping needed doing, I went for a bike ride instead, hoping against hope she'd show up. But of course, nothing. And tonight, when the laundry mountain looked way too imposing to tackle, I wandered off to the playground, thinking the peace and quiet would be just what she was looking for. Sigh. Still nothing.

I'm discouraged. I've waited and waited and waited for her. If she takes much longer, I may have to take drastic measures and start cleaning my house mySELF. Sheesh. Cleaning fairy, if you can hear me, PLEASE don't let it come to that.


ccap said...

Sorry, she hasn't been by here either. Far too nice outside, I suppose. We like it out there better than in here so I guess maybe she does too/

Gina said...

When she does show up, kindly send her to Southern California.

oshee said...

I wonder...is she any relation to the tooth fairy? My ten year-old rolls her eyes at the mention of the tooth fairy. But she knows if she stops believing the tooth fairy stops showing up and miss ten yr-old has eight more teeth to lose.

So, no rolling eyes and BELIEVE BELIEVE BELIEVE. I'm trying my best here too!

Anvilcloud said...

Hmmm, I need to vacuum today. It's embarrassing when I think of how long it's been.

Dale said...

My mum has always kept a clean house. She always made three good meals every day. She did laundry every week for a family of eight and she ironed and mended clothes as necessary. I asked her about it, recently.

"If you had it to do over, Mum, would you still do all that work?"

"No," she said. "I'd spend more time playing with the kids."

Karla said...

I think you're totally on track. My mom was (well is) a total neat freak and we missed out on so much together because we were forever doing chores chores and more chores. I love her to pieces, but the balance wasn't there. Your children will thank you for having some.

But, that being said. If the cleaning fairy does show up, I get dibs on her after Gina.

Hope said...

In Canada, when the weather is fine, it is imparative that we enjoy while we can. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.
I am drawn out. Time to play.
Priorities in line ? check.

Bobita said...

I have an idea that might put the Cleaning Fairy out of business...

Remember how, back in the day, people would have Barn Raisings? All of the towns folk would gather to help build a barn...and they would be offered hot corn bread, cold lemonade and maybe even fresh tomatoes for their kind help.

What if we started a trend...instead of Barn Raising we could have a "My-House-is-a-Shithole-Please-Help-Me-Clear-a-Path" party. All of the towns folk could gather...offered BBQ skewers and some Long Island iced tea in exchange for their toilet-cleaning skills.

Might be on to something here!!