Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Not much to see here

I thought I had something interesting to post, but then I wandered over and read Accidental Poet's series of posts about something incredible that happened 7 years ago, and I realized anything I might want to post about tonight would be trivial and boring in comparison. As most of you know, AP is my sister-in-law-who-feels-like-a-sister. You really should read her last 4 posts, starting with this one.

But if you don't have time for all of them, at least read this one - it has something to do with a business trip I once took across two provinces with my mom and oldest two daughters, a bunch of (slightly annoying) phone calls while I was trying my best to get there at a reasonable time, a visit to a nursery room we all assumed had been empty since the-little-niece-I-didn't-get-to-meet spent one solitary night there, a surprise involving my father and a baby boy (which I thought was an apparition), and, eventually, the dawning of a realization that I'd become an auntie again. That's my (much abbreviated) side of the story, but AP's telling of it is much more interesting. Go on, I won't take it personally if you desert me.


Anonymous said...

Nah I've already read those :)

Anonymous said...

thanks for the hat tip, btw - and you weren't behind, I was. I was going to post over several days, but I didn't, and so when I sat down and wrote it all out, it was so long, I broke it into several smaller posts instead.

Hope said...

I did visit and was surprised to find she lives just a couple of hours away. Beautiful posts although I didn't leave a comment. I was just in Calgary today (Fri)and I thought of her and theat little brown eyed boy.