Thursday, June 01, 2006

A little dose of "warm and fuzzy"

Marcel's cousin Leon is a long distance truck driver. He told Marcel a great little story that I can't resist repeating.

He was having breakfast with a fellow truck driver somewhere down in the States not long ago. When they got up to pay for their meal, they were told it had already been paid for. When they asked by whom, the cashier pointed to a woman sitting alone.

It turns out this woman used to be married to a truck driver. When he passed away, she sold the business, but she wanted to find some way to give back - or perhaps "pay it forward". So every Sunday morning, she goes to a truck stop, picks out a random table of truck drivers, and pays for their breakfast anonymously.

Isn't that a great story? Just think of all the neat little stories that are floating out there in the cosmos because of her acts of kindness.


Cuppa said...

Oh I love it. Thanks for passing on the "warm fuzzy".

ccap said...

That is totally adorable!

Hope said...

I love hearing those things. How i wish we could hear of all the wonderful things people do as often as we here of the not so nice.
Those deeds are like throwing stones in the river........ wonderful embracing ripples.

Linda said...

What a neat way for her to work through her grief.

Dale said...

A lesson there for all of us, n'est-ce pas?

Janet said...

Thanks so much for sharing that story...fantastic!



Liz said...

That's awesome!

Simply Coll said...

How sweet is that!! Makes me want to do something nice for someone. :-)