Thursday, October 13, 2005

This is what a great evening looks like

On Monday night, we had our third Thanksgiving meal at our friends' Yvonne and George's new home in the country. There were TWENTY NINE people there for supper! It was such a great evening! No, they're not technically our family, but they sure FEEL like family. The three Wikkerink sisters (Yvonne, Linda, and Michele) are the next best thing to my own sister (or perhaps I should say "sisters", since I also have 2 pretty great sisters-in-law).

Here are a few photos of a great night with great people.

Delicious and bountiful food in a beautiful, welcoming home.

An awesome bonfire!

Julie and Maddie - warming their buns by the fire :-)

This is what family is for :-) Nikki with her auntie and uncle and almost-cousin.

Maddie, Yvonne and George hangin' with Buddy

Me, Michele, Linda, Maddie, and Micah. If you want to read the story of the quilt, you can find it on Linda's blog. (Michele, I ALMOST posted the other picture, but decided to be kind :-)

There you have it - a few more reasons to be thankful :-)


Anvilcloud said...

At least 29 reasons.

Linda said...

That's one of those evenings that I will always remember. What a delightful time!

Stephanie said...

Amazing bonfire! Whoa! What a wonderful Thanksgiving with 29 people.

Simply Coll said...

These gatherings are what life is all about. Happy belated Thanksgiving.

Michele said...

ooh and i look FANTASTIC in this shot, as well.