Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Random list

I’m suffering from brain drain these days. My brain seems incapable of focusing on anything for longer than a few seconds. I’ve tried to write a few posts, but abandoned them when I couldn’t get anywhere. So here are a few random thoughts to fill up the spaces while I attempt to re-ignite my brain.

1. Finally, after all these years of having mis-matched dishes and cups, our cupboard is full of dishes that MATCH! All those mugs that say “Q-94 FM” or “Friends Forever” and all those odd glasses from sets we used to own have finally left the building! When I get paid for something I write, I usually consider it “development money” and buy myself something that helps my development as a writer/artist. This time, when the cheque came through from Winnipeg Free Press, I decided to use it to “develop” my kitchen, and instead of books, I bought dishes. It’s the first time we’ve EVER had a decent set of dishes.

2. Let me just say this – it really, really sucks when you have to fire someone. Really. Makes me wonder if I should re-consider my career choice of becoming a manager. Next job, I don’t want to be this accountable for people.

3. Seems I’m on a bit of a sewing kick. Last night, I sewed ponchos for the girls. Well, technically “sewing” is a bit of a stretch, since mostly what I did was cut them out of fleece and cut fringes around the edge.

4. Maddie, being the social butterfly that she is, seems to be attracting a lot of attention these days. Her “phone” never stops ringing, and most evenings, she can be found in the living room entertaining a long procession of guests. The other night, she welcomed Elmo, Big Bird, Mickey Mouse, The Grouch, someone named Gumpa, her friend/doll Misty, and several other celebrities and non-celebrities to our home, and all of them decided to stay for a sleepover. Apparently though, they ALL wanted to sleep in her bed, so at about 10:30, she was in our room complaining that all of her friends were crowding her and she’d have to sleep in OUR bed. It also appears that some of her houseguests have been less-than-gracious. She worked hard to make a tent for Elmo, and in the end he complained that he didn’t like it. Sheesh.

5. How can a three year old POSSIBLY take up more space in a bed than two adults? With those flailing arms and legs, it’s like sleeping with a restless OCTOPUS!

6. Why did I insist on buying that super-duper wind-em-up Pampered Chef cheese grater, only to abandon it when it got forever clogged and return to using my old-fashioned run-of-the-mill $5 version? Past experience should have proved that most of the time, “slice-em-dice-em” kitchen gadgets are a WASTE OF TIME AND MONEY. Anyone want a high end cheese grater? Speak now, or it gets added to the goodwill bag.

7. It’s amazing what you can do in 5 minutes when the pressure’s on. I just wrote a press release in less time than it took me to write this random list. Not that I wish there were always pressure, but sometimes that’s just the impetus I need to re-ignite my brain.


Michele said...

Hey! The Free Press hasn't sent in my cheque yet! And I emailed my bill the day they printed my piece. Hmmm... send gentle reminder.

ccap said...

#3: Well, since you're on the kick ANYWAY, I'm sure Zoogy would love something new. :-)

#4: Gumpa? Sounds a lot like Chumpa. Coincidence?

Anvilcloud said...

My daughter has than Pampered cheese grater, but I don't see the point of it. The stoneware seems good, though, although I'm sure that can be bought elsewhere.

Re. Maddie and the room she takes. Our bed seems to be divided into thirds. It's me, Cuppa, and one little cat ... who likes his full third.

Linda said...

It's been a long, long time since I've shared a bed with a little one. I seem to remember not sleeping very well when we had to share a bed but it is one of those things that I do miss.

Stephanie said...

My daughter sleeps in her bed half the night, and our bed in the early morning (which I don't mind since it means she'll sleep in). The worst is that she insists on sleeping sideways so that I'm always getting kicked in the head. She takes up more room than anybody, including our dog (yes, that makes for four in the bed!)

Glenda said...

I have one of those awful, high end Pampered Crap (oops- I mean chef) cheese graters too!! It's the worst thing ever! I will so NEVER buy anything from them again! At least Tupperware replaces it when you break it. I'd like to break that cheese grater and have it replaced (as soon as it's discontinued with something else, of course!)Oh the perils of cooking.....

Simply Coll said...

Yay for the new dishes!! Goodness.. I can relate. My cupboards are a real hodge-podge of dishes and mugs.