Sunday, October 16, 2005

In which the children grow up and move away from home

Okay, okay, so I'm exagerating a little. But they DID learn to sew today - isn't independent living the next logical step?

Nikki was first up.

Then Julie took her turn.

Their creations - pajama pants! I just had to help with the tough parts - like the crotch and elastic. :-)

Maddie was convinced that she had enough to make a pair of pants for Peanut out of the scraps. :-)


ccap said...

Gosh, I'm hoping Peanut is a little bigger than that. :-)

Linda said...

Looks like fun! I must confess that I depended more on the Home Ec teachers to teach my kids how to sew.

Michele said...

cool pants. i want a pair. i'm a little bigger than peanut, though.

yvonne said...

the pants look great! if your girls are anything like Chelsea they will just want to keep going. it really is fun to see them create.