Monday, August 20, 2007


- I think the fruit flies are almost vanquished. Almost. One taunted me as I came up the basement stairs this morning, and a few more met their fate in the vacuum cleaner just before my bath.

- I have to go back to work tomorrow. Holiday's over. Sigh.

- Yesterday, Julie and I collided on our bikes on the way to church. Neither of us was seriously injured, but she took the brunt of it. It wasn't a very pleasant moment, looking down at my girl lying on the pavement clutching her head and crying "oh - my head! my head!" Especially since the collision could have been avoided if I'd been paying more attention. Later she told me she'd thought she was going to go to sleep at that moment because the pain in her head was so bad. She seems to be fully recovered today though, other than a little stiffness.

- Today is school supply shopping day. Gulp. Does that mean summer is almost over?

- I still enjoy school supply shopping even if the shiny new pencils and markers are not for me.

- This year, Maddie joins the fun. Kindergarten! Somewhere along the line, I must have blinked, because suddenly I have three children in school.

- Because it was the last night I could stay up late and sleep in the next morning, I went to a late show last night. "Becoming Jane". LOVED IT!

- My sister's new house is perfectly lovely. I covet her big open kitchen and patio doors to the deck. Perhaps someday, if our remodeling dreams come true, we'll have our own.

- After our trip and the resulting build-up of dirt and crumbled snacks and unidentifiable substances in the back seat of the car, we thought we'd treat ourselves to a full-service car wash. It felt like such a luxury in these cash-strapped days. While we sat in the comfortable waiting room, I fantasized about a similar service for houses. How could I pull my house up to the building and have it emerge at the other end clean and sparkly? My fantasy was dashed however when I saw what a lousy job they'd done of the car. We had to get them to re-wipe the dashboard because it was still dusty, and re-scrub the bugs on the front end. And then on the way home, we realized they hadn't even gotten a rag anywhere near the disgustingly grungy cup holders or door handles. And the trunk? Didn't even bother to look at the crud on the carpet. How disappointing!

- Why is it that I only seem to be able to write rambling lists of random stuff these days? It must have something to do with summer distracting me.


Anonymous said...

Maddie is going to KINDERGARTEN??!?!?!

you shut right up.

Liz said...

Yeah, we've been school supply shopping and dorm room shopping for the past week. College starts Thursday and high school starts next Monday. Summer goes way too fast these days.

Stephanie said...

I love school shopping too! I also have to buy at least one new pencil in September. Just for kicks.

And I saw Becoming Jane last Saturday. Loved it too! Makes me want to go back and read all the Austen novels again. Not that I have time, but I can dream!

Karmyn R said...

I took my kids school shopping too - I was so excited. My son could have cared less and of course my daughter wanted everything my son got (and being a preschooler, she didn't need the stuff).

Then I saw the bill at the register and decided I didn't really like school shopping as much as I thought I did!

Linda said...

I too love shopping for school supplies. Alas, I have nobody to do it with anymore.

Maddie? Kindergarten? I thought she was 3 years old!

I know of the place you brought your car. I found the same problems. They used to do a good job but not anymore.

Dale said...

(Waving madly from the bonny shores of Lake Ontario) HI HEATHER!!

Haven't commented for a while. Did ya miss me?

I've bought school supplies, too. But these are for a friend (Girl Alex) who's off to Uganda next month on a humanitarian mission.

Pff. I can't believe summer's nearly over!!


Gina said...

No school supply shopping for me! The school provides everything, which is kinda nice. But the price tag reflects that, too.

Pamela said...

There is an odd thing about me and house keeping and car cleaning.

I not prone to do it.
BUT,.... if I hire it done I WANT IT DONE RIGHT.

It I wanted it done lousy I could have done it myself.