Thursday, August 02, 2007

Pinch me, I must be dreaming

Tonight at the mall, I let the girls pick out a bathing suit for me. I tried it on and bought it. Just like that.

Do you KNOW how remarkable that is?!? ONE bathing suit! And it was on the clearance rack too! There was no stack of discarded bathing suits taunting me from the fitting room floor, no tears were shed, and I didn't even need to drown my "I'm WAY too fat for a bathing suit" sorrow in a cinnamon bun dripping with icing in the food court.

Perhaps I need to take my daughters shopping with me more often. It won't be the most beautiful bathing suit on the beach, but my daughters like it and it's got support for my ample... um..., well, you know. What more can a girl ask for?

In other news entirely, I took a page from the amazing-spy-lady-Vicki's book and snapped the following picture, which answers the question you've always wondered about - "where do the cops hang out when they're not at the donut shop? The lemonade stand!"


Linda said...

Congratulations with the bathing suit!

Gina said...

It's so nice to have a bathing suit you feel comfortable in, isn't it?

And trust me, the cops will hang out anywhere they get free/discounted stuff. I know this firsthand.

karla said...

Well, since you're asking what more can a girl ask for, I would ask for cleavage to put in a bathing suit. :)

Liz said...

I hate trying on suits so much that the last time I bought some, they were from Costco where I knew I wouldn't be able to try them on.

My oldest daughter did pick me out one once that I liked right away. They are good at seeing us for how we are, aren't they?

Anonymous said...

Oh, congratulations. Bathing suit shopping can be the worst.

Pamela said...

I was hoping for a spy pix of the bathing suit too.

But, you did very well with the lemonade cops and their cute shorts.

Michele said...

i'm bringing those girls next time. i once almost attempted to buy a bathing suit in the company of my sons. we were at the mall already and passed a sale with some promising suits.

they BEGGED me to:
a.) not do it.
b.) if i HAD to, to please stay in the change room.

i decided to go on my own.

Whippersnapper said...

I am still wearing the suit I picked up with you at the K-Mart on our way to the beach one day a long time ago. This was after you were married, but still over ten years ago. The thing still fits but the elastic in the bum area is a bit loose. Hmm.

Vicki said...

bathing suit: I found one through a magazine a few years ago and I love it! I've never loved a bathing suit, well not since having children. I treat it with kid gloves and always always rinse it out by hand. I understand your joy, a good bathing suit is hard to come by.

spy picture! Oh you make me proud. Way to go!