Monday, August 06, 2007

Happy sigh

Remember my vacation list from a couple of posts ago? Well, my vacation has only just begun, and I've already done almost everything on the list. Plus a few other things like:
- visited the farmers' market with Julie
- brought home a colourful bouquet of flowers, just for fun- had a weiner roast with Marcel's parents
- ate s'mores around a campfire
- went for an evening stroll in the campground with Julie and Maddie- held hands with Maddie while she drifted off to sleep in the tent beside me
- stared up at a midnight sky blanketed with stars
- pointed out the big dipper to Julie and Maddie
- cooked an absolutely delicious meal on a grate over the fire pit
- waded in the beach while Maddie went for a late evening dip (how delighted she was to be almost the only one in the water!)
- took pictures until Julie was almost ready to swear at me
- ate fresh vegetables from my father-in-law's garden
- and a bunch of other things that might not make the top-ten-list of ultimate vacations in any travel magazine, but were delightful to me.

About the only thing short of making this the perfect August long weekend was a missing daughter. Nikki spent the weekend at a friend's cabin. We missed her, but we had fun without her.

Tomorrow brings even more holiday adventure - starting with an anniversary breakfast with my husband. Come back tomorrow and I'll share our fourteen-year-old wedding pictures, for a good laugh. :-)


Anonymous said...

Your vacation time sounds so lovely. I'm doing a happy sigh right along with you. That second photograph makes my heart happy. :)

Stephanie said...

Now that's how to have a vacation! It all sounds wonderful.

Gina said...

It sounds so relaxing. I'm glad you had such a great time.

karla said...

Happy Anniversary Heather! Your vacation sounds like the perfect family getaway. I can't wait to do those sort of things with Nate.

Anvilcloud said...

held hands with Maddie while she drifted off to sleep in the tent beside me

What? You have hand-holes in your tents? Haha ... just kidding.