Saturday, July 23, 2005

When is it her turn?

My mom's husband is in the hospital. Again. It's the second time since they met in February. Something's wrong with his lungs this time.

I want so badly for my mom to be happy. I want life to be easy for her. It's her turn, I figure. Life was rarely easy when she was married to my dad. It was happy sometimes, but rarely easy. Now I want it to be easy AND happy.

I'm not sure what happiness looks like for my mom. We're very different, her and I, so for each of us, happiness has a different face. But there's one thing I DO know, happiness is not sleeping alone in the bed where her new husband spent over 40 years with his first wife while her husband is in a hospital more than 40 kilometres away and her children and grandchildren are hundreds of kilometres away.

I'm a little pissed off that God wouldn't make it easy this time around. Doesn't seem like too much to ask for a woman who has given up so much for so many people. Too much. Her whole life has been a sacrifice, now I want it to be sweet. God, if you're out there, just give her this. Please...


Gina said...

I sincerely hope that things turn out well for your mother and her husband.

Anvilcloud said...

Some do seem to have a harder row to hoe than others.

Dee said...

sometimes I see certain people who are totally mean and nasty going thru life with no problems at all then you have ones who are such wonderful people having such a difficult life. My friends mom had nine children and when she was pregnant with her ninth child, she saw her husband being killed when his farm tractor flipped over. She raised those kids alone and had one that was paralyzed when he was shot (he was a policeman), one died of cancer, one committed suicide after he came home from viet nam, and another one committed suicide a year later, right in front of her. Two years later her house burned down. My heart ached for her. She was such a good woman and did not deserve that. Like you, I wonder why it has to be so rough on some.

Dale said...

In my thoughts, Heather. And my prayers.

"Be still and know that I am God."

He's on the job, somehow. All will be well.