Sunday, July 24, 2005

To all the people in the Tour de France who are NOT Lance Armstrong...

Congratulations on a race well run! You fought to the finish, you faced the mountains you had to face, you pushed yourself to the edge and beyond - you finished well.

You may never wear the yellow jersey, you may never be Lance Armstrong (hard to imagine there could be more than one!) but you DID IT!

All those other people who accomplished such an incredible feat, and the only name we know is Lance. Too bad. But I guess life's like that - we don't celebrate the "ordinary", we only celebrate the "victor".

Today, my fellow bloggers, let's look beyond the victor and celebrate those who run well, cycle with heart, and live with grace and integrity.

I celebrate my children who cycled to church today. No, they're not little Lances, but they did well and I'm proud of them.


Anvilcloud said...

More than 3500k in three weeks. Amazing. Everyone there was a great athlete, but it always amazes me how that one or those few always stand out as being that much better still. Federer in tennis, Gretzky in hockey, Woods in golf, and so on. Armstrong won by about four minutes. Over that distance and that time, it isn't much really.

And good on your kids too.

Dale said...

Simply to finish the race is a huge accomplishment!

Cuppa said...

I applaud them all. I know how hard it is to our 50k rides, and we don't face any hills!!!!

Glenda said...

Hey, I just read your blog and I've gotta speak up for Lance. As a person fighting cancer right now, to see how he has beaten it (and like, not an easy bout of it either)and gone on to actually win a tour like this again and again....well, I gotta say, he does kinda deserve to "stick out". So I for one will continue to wear my Live Strong Armstrong bracelet for as long as I can. He's inspiring- and I think it's great what he has worked so hard to accomplish.

Heather said...

Thanks Glenda. I wouldn't deny that Lance has alot to be proud of. It IS rather amazing what that man has done.

And your post makes me want to go get a Live Strong bracelet in honour of YOU!