Monday, July 11, 2005

Sometimes, it's the little things

...like when you walk into your mother's bathroom, see the partial false teeth in a glass of water on the counter, and you just feel like flushing them down the toilet. There are not SUPPOSED to be a man's false teeth in a jar in your mother's bathroom. A little voice of insanity in your brain tells you that if you can only destroy the evidence, all of this will disappear and life will go back to normal.

I never said I was mature!


Cuppa said...

Oh its always the little things that push you over the edge. They catch you unaware and open up the floodgates of emotion. Hang on girl.

ccap said...

Maturity is highly overrated in my opinion.

Linda said...

Oooh. A dutchman with false teeth. Brings me right back to my childhood. It seems that most of my friends' bathrooms had those (including mine!)

Jo said...

I could say something psychologically meaningful and possibly Fruedian about the little things but I won't. You know it already :)