Monday, July 04, 2005

Here comes the parade

If you knew Marcel's dad, you would know that, in his version of the world, IT JUST DOESN'T GET MUCH BETTER THAN THIS!!! This is the pinnacle, the epitome, the pi├Ęce de resistance (no, please don't correct my French) - he got to combine so many of his favourite things - riding his John Deere, building a float, AND showing off his grandchildren ALL IN THE SAME DAY! He was a happy, happy man. And we were all very glad that the rain stopped before the parade began.

If you look closely, you'll see that he even managed to add a little chrome to his tractor. Yeehaw!

If you want to see a little microcosm of small town prairie life, show up the day they have the parade - especially if they're celebrating their hundredth anniversary. It just felt so nostalgic and so filled with humanity. Make sure you bring a plastic bag, though, to collect all the candy that gets tossed at you from the people on the floats.


Dale said...

Happy. That picture makes me happy. I'm happy for Marcel's dad, and for the kids on the float and for the people who came out to watch the parade and to celebrate all that's good about their town and our country.

Ripples, Heather. From a little prairie town, 1200 miles across the Canadian Shield and down to the suburbs of TO. Amazing, eh?

Cuppa said...

Oh, I just love it. I can almost hear the laughter in the crowd and feel the joy all around when I look at that picture.

Yes, the ripples reached me all the way over here in my little corner of the country too.

Thanks for my morning smile Heather.