Friday, July 15, 2005

Happy, happy, happy

I had a positively lovely and invigorating ride in to work this morning. Here are some of the things that made it so lovely:

1. It's 20 degrees this morning! Yay! A nice reprieve from the heatwave we've been having and a pure joy to bike in.

2. There were hot air balloons rising above the city. I LOVE hot air balloons!

3. The tunnel I usually go through to avoid a couple of busy streets is finally almost free of broken glass.

4. No cars cut me off this morning, nor did any transit buses elbow me into a corner.

5. I rode past a vegetable garden, green and lush with growth. The fragrance of fresh onions and dill filled the air.

6. I get to ride over 2 rivers on my way. The fork of those two rivers is where this city was built. Rivers give life and energy to a city. And being close to water calms me.

7. I like my bike. I look at the transit buses and I'm glad I'm not on them.

8. The sky was clear, bright blue. It's been dry for nearly a week now. No rain! Yay! No puddles to navigate around or splash through. No black line up my butt from splashing, dirty water!

9. I get to ride past the Bears on Broadway - they always put a smile on my face. Thank you to whoever was responsible for this brilliant idea! A nice bright spot in our city's downtown this summer.

10. It's Friday.

About the only thing that wasn't so good was that the path I usually take along the river for part of my ride is still under water. But hopefully, if this dry spell (yes, I know that 4 days without rain is too short to call a "dry spell", but I can be hopeful, can't I?) keeps up, it will be dry before the end of the summer. It's a great place to ride because it's right across from the rowing club and I get to watch early-morning rowing teams out practicing.

And now the words of Queen are running through my head... "I like to ride my bicycle..."


Linda said...

I hope your day continues to be happy, happy, happy. I am so impressed with you and your choice to ride your bike into work-even on those horribly hot days.

Cuppa said...

Oh, let me sing along with you.

We went for a 50K ride this morning and even though it was hot and steamy it felt good to get out and pedal some of the "packing up and moving" stess away. Happy, happy, happy!

Anvilcloud said...

If I were working, the problem of biking in would be that I would require a shower once I got there.

Anvilcloud said...

Oh, I just checked the bears. Neat. I saw Calgary's cows in 2000, but these are great. Toronto used to do moose, but I never got there to see them.

ccap said...

Still haven't made my way down to meander past the bears. Hopefully once holidays are done.

Dale said...

You find joy in ordinary things, Heather. Bless you! Have a peaceful weekend.

Jo said...

You make me miss biking. I used to ride everyday. I'll have to get back on again. Thanks for the motivation.