Monday, June 13, 2005

Through the ears of a child

Don't you wish, sometimes, that you could hear the world through the ears of a child?

Saturday, in the backyard, Maddie heard the birds chirping in the tree and said "MOM! The birds can talk too!"

Today, in the laundry room, she heard the thumping of the washing machine and said "HEY! It's making music!" She even made up a song to go with the rhythm of the machine. It was something about dying monsters in the zoo. Not sure where that came from. But what a treat to hear music in the mundane things in life! From now on, when I'm doing the dreaded laundry, I'll have to listen for the music.


michele said...

what a neat kid

Anvilcloud said...

And if you can't hear it, make it.

Cuppa said...

And when you do hear it, kick up your heals a dance a little.
Ready now - step, two, three, step, two, three, step, two three!
Ah, total fun.