Tuesday, June 21, 2005

And then, sometimes, I kinda like him

My mom's new husband dropped in tonight. Mom was away with her sisters, so he'd gone for a bike ride and ended up at our house. It surprised me. He just dropped in and hung out with Maddie and me in the back yard for awhile.

It was easy. It was comfortable. There was no pickin' fights about Biblical interpretation. He gave Maddie a mint, teased her a little, and talked about Mom. It was nice to see him smile when he said her name. It was nice to know he likes us enough to show up even when it's not Mom's idea.

I have to let these little moments matter just as much as the other ones.


Anonymous said...

Well that's pretty neat. How long a bike ride is that?

Dale said...

Your mum's new husband. That must be so difficult to accept sometimes. Good for you, Heather, that you can enjoy a visit from him. Good for him to drop by! What a great attitude you have.

Linda said...

Could that have been his way of aplogizing for his comments and attitude the other day?

ccap said...

Wow. That IS kinda cool. Now *I* like him too. :)

Heather said...

h8s2clean - it's about 10 minutes.

dale - I only WISH I always had a good attitude!

linda - you may be right, though I didn't get the sense he regretted it