Wednesday, January 12, 2005


1. the reflection of a campfire on the rippling waves
2. the “almost too hot” feeling when I climb into a bath
3. when 2 year old Maddie says “you remember?”
4. the feeling I get when something I wrote appears in a publication
5. the taste of a wild blueberry plucked from a bush
6. a cold glass of water on a hot day
7. the sound of the water flowing over Rainbow Falls
8. the first cry of a baby
9. tulips
10. the taste of my mother’s compst borsht
11. the sound of my dad’s voice when he sings at the top of his lungs in the field
12. the cozy feeling of flannel pyjamas
13. the first time I heard each of my children read a book
14. the muscular flex of Marcel’s legs
15. rosy cheeks after playing in the snow
16. the crisp pages of a new book
17. the sound of Nikki, singing her favourite Hillary Duff song
18. stepping on an airplane on the way to a new place
19. the sweet-sour-spicy-coconutty-peanutty taste of Thai food
20. the synergy of a conversation that opens up hidden pieces of me
21. the first sight of Central Park
22. sitting at an outdoor café on Corydon sipping a glass of wine
23. words of appreciation from a truthful person
24. a fridge that’s just been cleaned out
25. the feeling of a cozy blanket wrapped around me
26. walking
27. the scent of green grass after the rain
28. the sound of “I love you Mommy.”
29. floating on my back in the water, hearing the muffled voices on the shore
30. the look of pride on Julie’s face when she conquers the waterslide alone
31. a guilt-free hour in McNally Robinson
32. answered prayer
33. snow crunching under my feet
34. the smell of Old Spice
35. laughter
36. wandering around Paris with my sister
37. an e-mail from a friend
38. clean laundry
39. Sarah McLachlan’s voice
40. a compliment
41. fresh paint
42. Marcel’s arms around me
43. a project well done
44. my family gathered around the table
45. a friend welcoming me
46. the soft skin of a baby
47. s’mores
48. sitting on a boat
49. a moment when I know God is in the room with me
50. home

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