Sunday, January 16, 2005

Paul and Jo's baby

I've been thinking about Paul & Jo's baby - due February 12. She asked me to help plan the baby dedication. I wrote this spontaneous tribute to little Thumper...

Your baby…
I hope he’s beautiful and wise
I hope he’s got a wrinkled up nose that twitches when he’s sleeping
I hope his eyes are so deep that you want to live in them
I hope he squeaks when he wants your attention (Nikki did that and I LOVED it)
I hope his hair has a twisted little cowlick that you can’t resist touching
I hope he has his daddy’s goofy sense of humour
I hope he has his mommy’s interest in knowing truth
I hope he makes you laugh
I hope he sings, even if he can’t carry a tune
I hope he dances
I hope he finds his giftedness
I hope he makes you feel alive and youthful
I hope he finds adventure
I hope he finds joy
I’m glad he’ll find you!

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