Sunday, December 06, 2009

Ready, set, GO!

Laundry finished and folded so that the family can find clothes when I'm gone? Check.
Groceries bought so that the family can eat while I'm gone? Check.
Christmas tree up and decorated? Check.
Pants hemmed for Marcel & me? Check.
Rental car booked? Check.
Winter parka purchased for oldest daughter so that she doesn't freeze when the weather starts to drop? Check.
Funky bag picked up from Joyce and packed full of travel goodies? Check.
Underwear packed? Check.
All other necessary clothing items packed? Check.
Hostess gifts and orientation material for new volunteer packed? Check.
Passport picked up from the post office? Check.
Haircut? Check.
Book to read on the plane? Check.
Flat Madeline safely tucked in my carry-on luggage? Check. (By the way, if you're one of the gracious people who offered to host her, I'll be lining up some visits when I'm back from my wandering.)
Camera, cell phone, laptop, mp3 player, and all the necessary chargers, download cords, etc. packed? Check. (Well almost - I have to put the laptop in the bag when I'm finished typing this.)
Taxi booked for the morning? Check.
Guest bloggers and interview responses lined up and ready to post when I'm gone? Check.
Powerpoint presentations prepared for trip? Uhhhh... nope. Guess that one will have to happen on the plane.

Guess I'm ready to go. All that finished, and it's only 10:15! (No, I'm NOT staying up to midnight to work on the presentations that didn't get finished.)


Kelly said...

I'm tired just reading that...

Connie said...

After reading that,
this is for you:

Peace & Love.

Dale Cook said...

Have a safe trip and really looking forward to seeing you.

Liz said...

If Flat Madeline wants to come to Maryland, I'd be more than happy to photograph her around Frederick!