Sunday, December 13, 2009

Leaving the coast, going back to the prairies

I'm done. REALLY done. SO ready to be home. Tomorrow, after a couple of airplane rides, I'll be there, hugging my family. Not soon enough. I want to be there now.

It has been such a good, good trip. Every bit of it has been better than I could have expected. The art show, the speaking engagements, the meetings with people, the hours driving down roads that wind around coastlines, the moments of deep connections with beautiful people - all of it.

It was good, but I definitely reached a point of saturation today. I'd stayed 6 nights in the homes of people I mostly didn't know (at least not very well) before this trip, and though they were all such gracious, kind hosts who made me feel at home and welcome, I found myself desperately craving some alone time. So - instead of spending a second night at the home of my fourth and final hosts - I indulged the introvert side of me and booked into a hotel close to the airport. I'm so glad I did. I didn't realize just how much I needed this until I nearly burst into tears when I stepped into the room.

There are so many things that I will savour about this trip.
  • Making new friends with kindred spirits.
  • Eating the bounty of the sea - lobster, haddock, and scallops.
  • Shopping in a lovely little bookstore with a delightful name that was something like "A Box of Magic"
  • Being inspired by not one but TWO talented artists who made me believe that I really should make more art. And share it.
  • Hanging out with a friend who connects me on such a deep level of understanding that I walk away feeling known, loved, and strengthened.
  • Being introduced at a speaking engagement as someone who "is not easily intimidated... and does not easily intimidate others." Smile.
  • Visits to a few beautiful galleries, gift shops, and studios - especially the pottery studio/shop with the eccentric green-haired potter/artist.
  • Being offered simple kindness by the toll booth guy who wrote me an I.O.U. when I didn't have the right cash.
  • Hearing stories of humanity and compassion - like the people in a tiny community who get up early to sell fair trade coffee to raise money for hungry people.
  • A wintry walk in the woods.
  • A night out at a delightful community theatre watching "Bingo, the Musical".
  • Driving, driving, and more driving... oh how I love the road! Really.
  • Moments of sparkling belief that I am in the right job - inspiring people and living my calling.
  • Tonight. Quiet. In a hotel. Processing and preparing for the re-entry point.


Anvilcloud said...

As a genuine introvert, I understand the need for alone time. When I was teaching, even eating lunch alone in my room for 20 minutes would help me to recuperate a bit.

Sheila said...

LOVE that photo - I can almost SMELL the air just looking at it!

Glad you are having a little YOU time before heading home and it does sound like it's been a deeply rewarding trip.

Dale said...


Even as an extrovert, I can appreciate your need for "space". And I do hope we have inspired you to more artistic endeavours. You ooze creativity and have such a wonderful sense of composition.

jenny said...

Your tell is true and I am impressed through your view, have good experience too. Good to see it from you.

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Pamela said...

I love the road, too.
(Unless I get lost. Which I did last week in a place I know well.)