Tuesday, March 31, 2009

In bloom

They don't agonize over their calling, asking endless questions like "was I meant to be an iris or a rose? Perhaps I've missed my true destiny and I should have become a lilac bush."

They never worry "does this shade of hot pink make my stem look fat? Does this purple match with this pink? Will it make people stare at me if I mix colours?"

They simply burst forth in bold, raucous colours.

Sometimes I envy the flowers.

Photos taken at the conservatory in Toronto. No, we're not even close to seeing blooms around here yet.


Judy said...

I love this post!

So true!

"Consider the lilies..."

Lynn said...

Aren't they beautiful? I love them and we are full of them here in California now...Just heaven to walk down the street.

Vicki said...

great shots perfect words. (for me thankyou)

I read your article via the link. I have a hard time with that myself. Allowing my children to be what they want, try what they want, and experiment socially, fashion or otherwise. I think I know what will happen, what will be the outcome and if it could possibly hurt them my knee jerk reaction is to hold them back. However it's allowing them to experience it themselves that makes them into wonderful humans that contribute to the world. (we hope)

Great work lately. I have not commented but I have had a slight excitement when your blog shows up with a new post on bloglines.

i am proud of you

Liz said...

And here I thought you had somehow passed me up in the blooms department.

A very beautiful description of the wonder of nature.

kikipotamus said...

Exactly! Time for me to become more like a flower. :)