Saturday, April 04, 2009

Mini-vacation - come h*** or high water

Despite some lousy weather that made some naysayers urge us to stay off the roads (will this winter EVER end?), AND the fact that the flood is gradually making its way across the border from North Dakota to Manitoba, three stubborn women (my mom, sister, and I) packed up the kids and made our way south for our third annual mother-daughter (which now has to include one son, since Jack arrived) Spring Break mini-vacation.
We had to drive through a sea of water for about a mile on the I-29 on the way there, and take a detour on the way back when they closed the road, but it was worth it!

Swimming, soaking in the hot tub, relaxing in the hotel room, watching endless episodes of John and Kate Plus 8, playing card games, eating Grandma's delicious soup and buns while perched on beds and floor, shopping at Target and other stores that haven't made their way north of the border yet, "sneaking" away for an adult-women-only shopping trip to the nearby second-hand store (and scoring some smokin' hot deals!), eating cheap Chinese food, hanging out with some of our favourite people, savouring the delicious flavours of Cold Stone Creamery, drinking more pop than is usually allowed, eating more candy than should EVER be allowed... aaahhhh... it was all SO good!


Anonymous said...

I'm glad it all worked out in the end, it sounds like lots of fun was had! Traditions are so important.


Liz said...

Where did you go? I'm very surprised that Target hasn't made it's way into Canada.

I'm a sucker for cute, cousin photos.

I'm glad you didn't get sidetracked from your trip. It sounds like you had a great time.

Anvilcloud said...

We lived in border town. Target there but not here.

Linda said...

Sweet. And I love the picture!

andrea said...

Nice! As for winter, it's been like that here, too. This is the latest spring I can remember. Period.

joyce said...

I went to said thrift store also!
love your rendition.

Pamela said...

The best of times.. those kind of mini vacations with loved ones.