Saturday, March 14, 2009

In which I have the last laugh

Alternate title: Not only am I communicator of the year, but as of today, I am SHOPPER OF THE YEAR! Oh yeah!

Designer jacket (Nygard!) at thrift store: 7.99
Short sleeved sweater to wear underneath: 3.99 (thrift store)
Designer skirt at Winners: 24.99
Fancy shoes that almost meet my daughter's fashion standards: 6.99 (thrift store!)
Fair trade jewelery from Ten Thousand Villages: $20.00

Joy it gives me to have a whole "new" outfit that looks classy and put together (and makes my husband think I'm hot), AND fits within my "recycled, re-used, and/or fair trade" personal preference, for under $65: PRICELESS!

I actually really TRIED to get something snazzy and new and possibly even expensive for a change, but after 4 stores, I could fine absolutely nothing of interest. A quick stop at a thrift store, and I had almost the whole outfit. I'm still smiling.

And the best part? I didn't even have that oh-I'm-so-depressed-about-clothes-shopping-I-need-cheesecake moment. Today's lovely weather definitely helped the mood.

Note: photos to follow after I get a haircut and my nose is a little less red and raw from this blasted cold.


mmichele said...

YAY! I'm the same way: even when I SAY that I am allowed to buy whatever I want, it's almost always lacking when it's new and full price.

andrea said...

Yes! Though I was about to chastise you for no photo evidence ... then I read your note.

Sylvain said...

Congrats on your satisfying day! I'm looking forward to the photo's too.

kikipotamus said...

OH, goodie, photos to come! I wish there was a good thrift store around here. I SO miss treasure-filled days like the one you had. You go!

Bailey said...

huzzah! glad to hear it!

Pamela said...

My sis in law & I did that today - but we bought jeans & sweatshirts for the ocean.
Four pieces for under $19. I felt pretty priceless, too. But not quite so beautiful. heh heh