Thursday, January 15, 2009

A moment of respite

(Alternate title: missing Michele while sipping chai latte at the Forks)
With the temperatures hovering around -40 Celsius (with the windchild factor) at least the ice castle won't melt.
(I took the day off to go with Maddie on her field trip to the Children's Museum and took a little extra time for myself at a favourite Winnipeg destination.)


Anvilcloud said...

Is that the market beyond the latte? Looks like it from my vague memories.

mmichele said...

Aw, thanks for thinking of me!

mmichele said...

i miss those chai latte days.

maddie sleeping in her car seat...

Pamela said...

that would cool the latte quickly.
and then freeze the froth on your upper lip.
Darn that is cold.

Heather said...

AC - yes, that's the Forks Market in the background.

Pamela - in case you think I was drinking it outside, there's actually a thick pane of glass between me and the snow that kept me toasty warm while I sipped my chai.

Michele - it just wasn't the same without you.