Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Found wanting

I want:
- Sand between my toes
- A hot bath
- A break from being a leader
- A good hair day
- A little less self-doubt
- A respite from the cold
- A new pair of shoes
- An empty in-box
- A resolution for a tough problem
- An hour in a bookstore
- Hands that don’t feel like sandpaper
- A hot water bottle that doesn’t leak
- A laundry genie
- A fresh mango
- A moment of inspiration
- A few carefree hours with some close friends
- A chai latte
- A warm hat
- A trip or event to look forward to
- A positive outcome to next week’s meeting
- An end to the basement renovations
- A handful of cashews


Hope said...

ah.........yes... the news tells me that you are smack in the middle of canada's cold spot today, 5 below with the windchill.
I thoght of you immediately, taking the bus to work.
Stay warm,
may your wishes come true.

Hope said...

I meant 50 below....

Pamela said...

you have to make friends (butter up) the produce guy at the grocery. Then you get your fresh mango...and he picks out the ripe one. YUM.

mmichele said...

I miss you! And cashews are the divinest of nuts.

Stephanie said...

Those all sound like lovely things. And you make me think I might have to go to the beach next weekend, even if the sand is frozen.