Thursday, January 29, 2009

The amazing technicolour dreamcoat and other photos

The jacket that spoke to me in Toronto... (My daughters' reaction? They prefer not to comment on the grounds that it may incriminate them. Let's just say it's not preteen fashion.)
Nicole's first band concert (that's her in the centre front with the clarinet in her mouth). Their band instructor is a miracle-worker who can make grade 7 first time musicians sound good, and grade 8 jazz musicians sound even better.
And this is just a teaser for the next fearless post...


Anvilcloud said...

In case I might be wrong, I just confirmed with Cuppa that this is the kind of coat that Cuppa would love and wear everywhere.

Liz said...

My teenage daughters would probably laugh at me wearing this jacket and then they would borrow it while I wasn't looking. Either their friends would think it was really cool, or they could blame me for being so lame that I made them wear it.