Thursday, January 08, 2009

I want a snow day

We've had quite a bit of snow around here and WAY too much cold. The snow is pretty, but the cold? GRRRRrrrr!!! Life goes on, though - we still have to go to work, school, soccer practices, etc. We're hardy folks and we've got a snow-clearing system that's built up so many years of experience, it can get us up and running in no time.

It seems like, if we have to put up with all of this, the least we could ask for would be at least one decent snow day that shuts down the city so we all have to stay cosily cocooned in our homes. Just one day. Please!


andrea said...

My kids have never had a snow day and I feel badly for them, especially since we suffered from 3 weeks of the stuff and it never fell on a school day!

Happy digging, Heather.

Anvilcloud said...

Snow days are (or were) great. Hope you get one. Every Canadian should. Eh?

Liz said...

I envy your snow removal system, but we get snow days at just the threat of snow. After the run on the grocery stores where people frantically throw bread, milk and toilet paper in their carts, that is.

Pamela said...

oh be careful what you wish for.
I've heard about roofs caving in!
(I think those were flat roofed places)

The heavy snow ruined two of my favorite ornamentals: a lilac and a plum. I'm so sad.