Thursday, January 31, 2008


1. I’m going to a Martyn Joseph concert tonight! Yay! I love concerts and I LOVE Martyn Joseph!

2. On his online journal, Martyn referred to Winnipeg as “one of his favourite places on the planet”! No, he’s not from here. He’s from Wales. (So there - people from Calgary - you know who you are - SOME people like this place!)

3. One of my new favourite TV shows is called The Border.

4. One of my old favourite shows is Corner Gas.

5. Both are Canadian shows.

6. I’m happy to find good Canadian shows, because we’re not well known for great television programming (with some definite exceptions).

7. One of my favourite movies of this year is also Canadian. Away from Her. See it if you can – it’s definitely worth it.

8. I’m pretty sick and tired of the way this cold weather dries out the skin. I seem to be itchy all of the time.

9. I’m going to Bangladesh in March, and this week I remembered that people in Bangladesh were considered (by some researcher) to be the happiest on the planet. Sounds like a good place to make friends.

10. It’s a delightful moment when your 10-year-old daughter phones you at work and says, “Mom, where are the chocolate chips? I want to make cookies.” Smile. I’m rather fond of her. (Even if she beats me at speed Scrabble.)

11. I heard this line in a Neil Young song yesterday and it made me want to write poetry… “We know where the music is, let’s go out and feel the night.” Hmmm… nice.

12. Neil Young is also a Canadian. We certainly have raised some great talent up here in the cold north.

13. I brought some oatmeal and dried apricots to work this morning and made myself a lovely breakfast (complete with a little milk and a touch of honey). Mmmm… I think I’ll do that more often. I’m not usually hungry for breakfast until I’ve been awake for a couple of hours, so this was perfect.


Linda said...

Lovely thirteen. As for the itchy skin, the absolute best lotion is Aveeno. Expensive, but worth every penny.

Bailey said...

1. Tonight? Argh, what rock have I been hiding under? Now it is too late to go...

8. Aveeno is wonderful. The Life branded version is nearly as wonderful, and much cheaper.

Sounds like a delightful Thursday!

Pamela said...

Hey.. new digs! Nice.

I put a pot of water on the stove and let it simmer... Otherwise I would dry up and flake away. Good old petroleum jelly is the best bet for money and efficiency when it comes to soothing the sking. (Life time of ichthyosis. Trust me!!)

I fix oatmeal on the weekends -- I'm going to try apricots, instead of raisins. Hey, dried blueberries are great, too. But, your mush turns purple.

Pamela said...

ahem.. soothing the skin.

Anvilcloud said...

Let's hear it for Canada and Neil Young. I haven't seen The Border yet.

Liz said...

Harvest Moon is the BEST Neil Young song ever! I've been known to loop it over and over a few times in my life.