Friday, January 11, 2008

The stain etched on our hope

I have a new little nephew hoping to be born in a few months. His name is Jack. I saw his ultrasound picture today - his curved head and his round belly and what looked like bubbles being blown from his mouth. I also saw his undeniable male-hood. (Apparently he's not as shy about showing off his private parts as his cousin Matthew was.)

We pray for Jack's safe journey into this world. We pray for a miracle. We pray for continued hope. Please pray with us. We need a boy in the family - a boy who will live and live well. Who will tease his sisters and cousins. And make his daddy grin.

Here's the beginning of Jack's story - a story we hope will be long and interesting.


Stephanie said...

I've have been in prayer ever since I read ccap's post. I will continue to pray. For a miracle. For hope. For the day to world gets to meet Jack.

ccap said...

Um, sisters? ;-) Yipes!

Liz said...

I love looking at ultrasound pictures! I'm sure the modern ones are much better than the ones I had.

Best wishes to Jack's family!

Paula Manning-Lewis said...

I'm saying a prayer for Jack as I type. I followed the link to Jack's story and I just feel so sick and sad.

I came over to thank you for commenting on my blog.

I hope everything will work out perfectly for Jack! :)

joyce said...