Wednesday, January 02, 2008

I resolve to

- listen to good music
- read good books
- engage in stimulating conversations
- let go of regret
- go for long walks
- seek peace
- be kind
- pursue friendship
- encourage boldness
- pause to gaze at dandelions
- forgive others
- forgive myself
- savour delicious food
- walk gently on the earth
- light candles
- be inspired by others
- embrace the ordinary
- let beauty surprise me
- watch my children play
- stare at snowflakes
- smile at strangers
- get my feet wet
- give something away
- pray
- take pictures
- play in the rain with my daughters
- take a risk
- let people change me
- listen to stories
- go for dates with my husband
- create something new
- pause
- taste a new food
- gaze with wonder out of a plane window
- wait contentedly
- be available
- limit my expectations
- ask cab drivers to tell me stories of their home countries
- drink water
- sit by a campfire
- be open to surprises
- ask good questions
- reduce, reuse, recycle


Anvilcloud said...

Great resolutions, those. You're very good at making lists. My mind goes blank if I try that. HNY!!

Pamela said...

can I just say ME2 ?

I wish I'd written the list

Anonymous said...

Jeepers, I couldn't even resolve to read that whole list!

Stephanie said...

Great list! I think I might borrow all those resolutions, except the one about the cab drivers. No cabs around here!

Linda said...

Great list Heather. I'd like to borrow it if I may.

Paula Manning-Lewis said...

What a great list of resolutions! How do you ever remember them all?

I came over from a link on Andrea's blog(Coloring outside the lines)

Peace! :)