Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Not so very sad

So apparently yesterday was the saddest day of the year.

Normally, I probably wouldn't disagree with Dr. Arnall about blue Monday in January, but this year's an exception. For one thing, I think I got the January blahs over with in the middle of December when I was so burnt out I could barely think.

Plus I have a trip to look forward to, which always helps to wipe away the blahs. Ah... dreams of curry and saris and warm sunshine and new smells and new tastes and new acquaintences dance through my head.

On top of that, for some reason, I've had an energy burst in the past few days that's gotten me feeling elated rather than blue. I've caught up on so many of the household things that have fallen behind lately that I'm downright proud of myself. Yesterday alone I hemmed 6 pairs of pants and mended 5 more. (Yes, some of us in the household were getting a little desperate in the pants department.) And on the weekend, we finally returned the basement to a liveable state, so I no longer need to stare at the mess and despair that it will ever be presentable again.

I think the energy boost has something to do with the fact that I'm finally eating a little healthier, plus life seems a whole lot more managable at work.

So today I wish you all "happy-day-after-the-saddest-day-of-the-year!" Things can only go up from here!


andrea said...

It was sunny and 4C here yesterday. What's to be sad about? :)

Vicki said...

it wasn't the saddest, it was just like any other day...

but right back atcha! =)

Karmyn R said...

Saddest day of the year? Well, I was sad about my daughter cutting her hair - BUT, we actually had clear blue skies and sun - so that made me very happy.

Hemming pants - what's that? ha ha - My husband lost a button 6 months ago and I still haven't sewed it back on. I guess if he really needs them he could do it himself.

Anvilcloud said...

A guy from Wales comes up with the thesis and it's picked up in a Phoenix newspaper. I wonder how these folk would deal with a real winter? :)

Pamela said...

curry? had some the other day.
Hey, did you ever hear the theory that Curry was addictive? Now, that has nothing to do with the saddest day of the year - but it sure burned my tongue.