Friday, January 04, 2008

In Cahoots

Quite awhile ago, some of you might recall I posted some interview questions for an article I was doing on blogging. Many of you were kind enough to respond to my questions. I used your quotes, and the article was accepted by Cahoots Magazine. It took them awhile to use it, and then they went through a transition in which they switched from a paper magazine to an ezine, so the article became a little dated (Karla's baby was still growing in her tummy, and now he's a year old already!), but here it is nonetheless.

But don't stop there... make sure you check out the companion story by Karla. What fun it is to be published together with one of my favourite blog friends (who also happens to be a great writer)!

By the way, if you're visiting through a link on the Cahoots page, please be kind and leave a friendly comment. I love to know where visitors come from!

Be sure to bookmark Cahoots. It is one of my favourite magazines (one of the only things I read cover to cover when it shows up at my door) and I'm positive you won't be disappointed with the electronic version.


andrea said...

A wonderful article, Heather; I love the way you've tied it all together and I'm so glad Cahoots is finally online! I love the fact that you talk about blog connections as without you I wouldn't have been Cahoots' final print copy cover and featured artist! Thank you.

And what you say about the community and support one gets through blogging is particularly poignant for me right now. Writing about difficult times is cathartic, but getting that feedback/validation makes the whole experience come full circle. I'm needing it right now like at no other time.

Anvilcloud said...

Thanks Heather. Keep up the good work.

Hope said...

I'm heading over there next.
Been catching up on your posts, especially your lack of typical christmas spirit... no cookies, no decorations and bah humbug to the Christmas concert.
It really seems to be something that many many people are experiencing..... Christmas, just another bunch of things to do.
I feel the same, and hope that we can one day soon find our way back to the real Christmas.
Have a great new year heather,

Stephanie said...

Wonderful article! So well-written with everything tied together, and I loved reading it.

Michele said...


Linda said...

Congratulations! I love your writing.

Liz said...

Great article Heather! I had forgotten about those questions you asked! (I had also almost forgotten about "Laura"). Well done!

The Passarelli's said...

What a great article Heather! I don't remember you asking me any questions,but I do remember that Laura thing that was going on. I love reading your blog when I can.It just isn't as often as it used to be because of so much going on all the time here.

Thanks Mike.

The Passarelli's said...
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Accidental Poet said...

Well done!

karla said...

It is truly an honour to have been a subject of your interview Heather. I still remember sipping my chocolate in that photo (and you had a chai tea?), and being enthralled with our conversations. I still can't believe you have sky dived.

Congratulations! Cahoots really is a fabulous magazine.

CS said...

I'm here via Andrea's blog. Your article beautifully captured what I love about the blog community. When I went through a separation and divorce and again when my son had medical problesm, I was overwhelemd by the incredible support I received. I have some people I have developed email relationships with, and two people I have met off-line (and hope to add more to that list). And I even bought a piece of Andrea's art after becoming enchanted with her work on-line. I feel that I found an amazing, and ever expanding, new group of friends.

Pamela said...

I went there and read - nicely written.

Makes me want to say HEY, I KNOW HER!!!

joyce said...

Today is sort of a vulnerable day, and after reading the comment you left me this afternoon, then rouding that out by reading your article in Cahoots... Just allow me to say that you today were just exactly the type of blogger friend that you so eloquently described in your article.

In my audience, you definately fit the category of smart, inspiring, (read: threatening to the insecure...) person of integrety.

Thanks for the pick-me-ups. its so good to get back here and read something thought provoking and REAL.