Monday, January 29, 2007

Where have the years gone?

Because all the cool kids are doin' it, I wanted to join the fun and post some pictures of me as a young child. Unfortunately, it turns out that I have only a very limited number of pictures of bygone days in my house. I think it's time to root around in those old cardboard boxes my mom has been moving from old farmhouse to apartment to apartment in the last few years. I need a better selection.

Here's one of my favourite photos. I'm the blonde in the dark stripes and my sister is the cutie-patootie in the light stripes. Apparently we're in the process of mauling my dad. As a hardworking farmer, my dad didn't nearly always have enough time for his kids, but when he gave us his attention, he made sure that at least for those brief moments, it was quality time.

Heather, Cynthia, and Dad

The picture below is of me with my oldest brother (who occasionally shows up in the comments as bbb). Doesn't he look smashing in the bowtie? (And for those who know him, doesn't he look alot like Caleb?) I was apparently fairly attached to that soother and dolly. I suspect it was a ploy to get me to sit still long enough for the Christmas photo. Even though we were fairly poor, Mom loved to dress us well - especially for Christmas. Almost every year, we got a new Christmas outfit. Usually it was something Mom had sewn.

Notice the drywall tape on the wall behind us? For the first seven years of their married life, Mom and Dad lived in an unfinished house. It must have driven my Mom a little crazy. Things didn't get much better either. From there we moved to a tiny farmhouse with only one cold water tap in the kitchen, a strangely named "cash and carry" toilet in the winter and outhouse in the summer, and so little space that when mom and dad went to bed at night on the hide-a-bed in the living room, their feet were in the kitchen. It was another seven years before we moved into a new house on the same farm property. My mom had to put up with A LOT back then! But... we were happy.

Brad & Heather


Liz said...

That's funny, because after rooting around in my old photo albums for the pictures I put up today, I was thinking that I should make a theme of it. I had no idea that theme was already out there!!

Very cure pictures, Heather!!

Hope said...

I will not be joining the cool kids as scanning a picture to post would require knowledge I do not have.
Funny Heather you reminded me of a time when my father took a years contract in Saskatchewan and we lived in a rented farm house. Pump in the kitchen and a wood stove to heat the water. The toilet... a five gallon bucket with a toilet seat on top in my parents closet that we were only allowed to use in dire emergencies. Other than that we made the trip to the outhouse.
Love the pics.

Pamela said...

I got home toooo late, plust I had computer problems this morning so I didn't join th frey. You were so precious.

I can relate to your old house. I vaguely remember my parents bedroom having a clothes hanger separating them from me and my sister before they remodeled and added bedrooms.
It was an old cold run down house.

Anvilcloud said...

You look similar to your youngest (Maddie?) in that photo. Well, my old, tired eyes catch a resemblance at least.

Beccy said...

Great photos and really interesting to hear the history behind them, thanks for sharing.

Heather said...

First time visitor. I came by way of Vicki at Keeping My Head above water. Wonderful photos and posts! I've added you to my bloglines. You're a wonderful writer and photographer!

Joyce said...

oh man. And we complain? EVER?

Lucia said...

Ah, the days when a pacifier and naked doll would make us happy!

Vicki said...

Great memories.

Your an adorable baby! Oh those eyes!

Your brothers bow tie is great, but his ears make him a cutie!

Linda said...

We lived in a big, old, rambling house and our kitchen was unpainted for years. I remember mom saying one day, "I am sick of this kitchen!"

I looked around and didn't know what she was talking about. The kitchen looked fine to me. Now, I understand.

marnie said...

I have many father mauling pictures as well. Too cute!

I am so glad I've always had a flushable toilet. I think I have taken it for granted.

Robin (Pensieve) said...

Heather, I guess I still haven't gotten to everyone in the photo post. I've kind of gotten the "blogging blues" and can't seem to get motivated to read/write/whatever! Your sweet comment gave me reason to pop over, and I'm glad I did. I like your attitude as evidenced by your running commentary.

At first I thought your dad was a mannequin, ha! The pictures you DO have were great ones to share. I've found mine to be a treasure.

Coll said...

I just love looking at these old photos and hearing the stories behind them. I must dig out a few of my own.

ChrisB said...

Just found your post nice pictures. It brings back memories of houses we lived in when I was a child- a pumped well in the garden for water and an outside loo (no mains). Next house did have running water but also a pump in the scullery ( luxury) and gas lights.

Peg said...

What precious pictures...and you were an absolutely beautiful baby!! I'm glad you were able to post these, and that I found your blog--as I'll surely be back!