Sunday, January 28, 2007

Sunday six

Six ways to avoid laundry.

1. Play Bingo with your kids.
2. Let your kids convince you that you need to play ONE more round before tackling the laundry mountain.
3. Write a lame blog post about avoiding laundry.
4. Tell yourself it's character building if the kids occasionally need to wear mis-matched socks or scrounge through random piles to find that last pair of threadbare underwear.
5. Phone a friend and commiserate about the never-ending laundry duties.
6. Pretend there's been a restricted quarantine placed on your laundry room and ONLY MOTHERS are not allowed to enter.

Sigh. Okay, so I'm getting tired of wearing the bottom o' the barrel underwear - the kind that slides into places it's not meant to slide - just because I've avoided laundry too long. Self - get thee to the laundry room!


Liz said...

Ugh, I've been doing laundry all day!

Hope said...

I am pretty sure I heard on CBC that in Winnipeg they had banned all women from entering laundry rooms.

Hope said...

movin to winnipeg

Gina said...

You are a woman of stronger will than I, Heather!

Jenny said...

You can always tell when I need to do laundry because every few minutes I'm hitching up my underwear.

swampwitch said...

Self - Get thee to the laundry room. Too funny.
We are either the cleanest or dirtiest people on Earth. I'm always doing a load of laundry. Does it multiply?

Thailand Gal said...

Love it! I do the very same thing. Laundry backs up around here and then it takes all day to get it done. You'd think we'd all learn about those predictable consequences.

Oh, well. :)



Robin (Pensieve) said...

I am rather certain my laundry basket(s) reproduce on their own. It is time to begin teaching my indentured servants (aka my children) how to wash clothes. The right way (not the way my trying-to-be-helpful husband does it :/). Should be a bit more fun since we have a new washer and dryer with all kinds of bells and whistles (literally). :)

Smiles on this post (as I head off to run another load :/).

Vicki said...

Just last month I went on a laundry frenzy and decided that ALL of our socks MUST match and then threw away all of the socks we had and bought the EXACT same socks FOR EVERYONE in our house. This way they all match. Only Olivia's is smaller than every else. It will work as long as it is winter and we have to wear boots. In the summer when sandles and t shoes come back then I'll have to change. Until then... all my socks match!

Laundry EATS MY LUNCH. I dont need a house keeper, I need someone to do my laundry for me.

Vicki said...

by the way. Today my undies have holds in the sides of them. I was at the parts store just now and there was a pink thread that I thought was coming from my WHITE shirt. So I pulled on it. Nope, it was the thread fromt he top of my panties. So now this means that I pull the PINK thread and it goes around and around my waiste. Yes. the parts GUYS were watching.

Yes my panties are pink.

Now they have holes AND no elastic in the top. W E D G I E

Whippersnapper said...

Oh Heather, my laundry is so out of control right now, thinking about it makes me ill. Last month, I lined up all my unmatched socks on the floor and took a picture of them. When I learn how to post pictures, it's gonna be the first one I put on my blog.

I plan to have my kids doing their own laundry when they hit grade one. Well, that's the plan, anyway.

Rose said...

Or if your kids are old enough you can add it to their chore list. lol