Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Posting out of sheer boredom

Ethiopia trip - Jan 3 001
All of those departure times and not one of them is mine! I still have four hours to wait. It’s been about five so far. I’m getting bored. I’ve wandered every corner of the departure lounge about 5 times. Ask me where to buy a new tie, a digital camera, or a fashion magazine in the Frankfurt airport – I’ll find it for you in less than 5 minutes. That’s just how bored I am.

I can’t find a comfortable chair to curl up with a good book. There are very few chairs in the departure area. I guess they expect everyone to check in first BEFORE relaxing. The problem is, I had to collect my luggage and then re-check in, but the check-in counter doesn’t open until a few hours before the flight, so I’m stuck with a cart full of luggage and nowhere to go. At first I thought I’d have to wait until check-in to go pee (can you bring a luggage cart into the washroom?) but then I got desperate enough and found a handicap washroom with enough room for the cart. Whew! Relief!

Let me tell you about some of the sites in the Frankfurt airport….

Did you know that God owns a store here?
Ethiopia trip - Jan 3 002
And I guess, when they’re serving booze out of the back of a car, they’re not too worried about drinking and driving.
Ethiopia trip - Jan 3 003
I love the way staff around here get around – on bicycles.
Ethiopia trip - Jan 3 011
And this is how I look after two flights and several hours of boredom.
Ethiopia trip - Jan 3 007
Let me tell you, though, they may have been long flights, but MAN was I pampered. I think I have officially been spoiled for regular economy class travel. I was in business class on both flights, and there is nothing quite like reclining in your huge easy chair, sipping champagne, while the commoners file past to the cheap seats in the back! Before we’d even taken off from Toronto, they’d brought champagne, blankets, pillows, a toiletry kit, water bottles, and promises of MUCH more. Sipping tea out of REAL teacups and washing your hands with warm towels is DA BOMB! I’m going to have a hard time downgrading to the cattle class on my flight to Ethiopia.

Trust me, though, I didn’t CHOOSE business class. I booked late and there was nothing else available. I’d feel more than just a little guilty working for a non-profit organization, flying to a developing country to visit people with not enough food to eat, and opting for business class!

Oh – and if you think I’ll post this often when I reach Ethiopia – sorry, I don’t expect so. It will be much harder there, with little or no connection.

By the way, since I’m also blogging for work, I saved my deep thoughts for this post.


Linda said...

You are looking a wee bit tired! Safe travels Heather!

Michele said...

I've seen you look better. It might be nice to look that haggard if I was with you, however!

Whippersnapper said...

Frankfurt, huh? I guess it's too late for you to sneak me on to the plane in your luggage then, damn it...

Have a really great trip, Heather!

tlawwife said...

I love that you call it the cattle section as that is what my husband always calls it too. I yearn for the business class but like you would feel guilt. Loved the skydiver story on the previous post.

On the guilt front what you are giving your children in your example is far more than they are missing. You are telling them that the world is full of possibilities and when they are grown they will know that they can reach out and grab the one they want.

Have a great trip.

marnie said...

Is that an El Camino??

I've only been in Business class on one trip. They baked me cookies. Insane.

Pamela said...

I don't feel sorry for you one bit...
I remember sitting in the first seet of the cattle car.. and watching the first class passengers dipping strawberries in chocolate.


Okay.. I do feel sorry for you having to be imprisoned in an airport. Remember they even made a movie about that.

Bobita~ said...

Ah, I was bumped to first class a few times back in the days when I used to fly frequently...it was heavenly!

Happy New Year and I wish you the best during your travels.