Saturday, January 13, 2007

In Bahar Dar, by Lake Tana

"Salam!" I'm not sure if I'm spelling it right, but that's how you say hello in Amharic, the local language of Ethiopia. We're having an amazing time here.

Our journey across the countryside is nearing an end. The first members of our group (Jim & Sharon) are leaving this afternoon to fly to Addis Ababa and then home. The rest of the group will drive to Addis tomorrow and then we will prepare to go our separate ways shortly after that.

It has been an incredible week. I feel very blessed to have had the opportunity not only to see some amazing countryside and to meet incredible people here, but also to travel with a remarkable team of people. It has definitely been a "God thing", pulling some very gifted people together for this trip.

I don't have much time to write now, but I wanted to let everyone know that we are safe and happy, the journey has been a success so far, and we have fallen in love with Ethiopia. We have all commented how incredibly beautiful this country is - much more beautiful than we could have imagined. We have seen vistas that rival the Alps, the Grand Canyon, and the Rocky Mountains. We have met amazing people who are committed to helping their people and building their country into the place it has the potential to be. We have been blessed.

My heart is so full of the wonders I have seen. I will write much more about this, but for now, I want to live in the moment and enjoy a lovely hotel with a great view. Talk to you soon!



Accidental Poet said...

Lovely to hear from you, sweetie.

andrea said...

Instead of being green with envy, as I have been since you left, this post just made me smile. I'm so glad you had this wonderful opportunity -- and that you've been sharing it!

schoolboy said...

Hi there...
The girls say hi :)

FYI The difference in weather yesterday from Addis Ababa to Winnipeg was over 100 degrees F.
Addis Ababa was supposed to get to 80 F. and we here in 'Winterpeg' got down to -40 F. with the windchill. Bbbrrrr.....

Enjoy the heat and bring some back for us.


Pamela said...

this must mean you are well -- no travelers illness or anything.

You piqued my interest in Ethiopia. I didn't expect it to be beautiful

Liz said...

Ha! Your husband sounds like he's cold without you Heather!!

Ain't technology grand? That you can do these reports on your trip is amazing! Stay safe and hurry home to warm up your poor husband!

Hope said...

The cradle of civilization.
I think I would shudder in the presence of such history.
peace to you as well.

I have heard winnipeg may drop to 50

Lucia said...

I'll definitely look forward to hearing more about your time. Did you get to Lalibela?

In Feb, I'm flying through Addis on my way to Rwanda. Now I'm thinking maybe I should have planned at least a couple of days there.

Linda said...

Unlike Andrea, I am a little green. I am also so happy to hear that this trip has been good. Can't wait until you're home and we can talk.

Linda said...

Unlike Andrea, I am a little green. I am also so happy to hear that this trip has been good. Can't wait until you're home and we can talk.

Whippersnapper said...

It is sooooo cold, I would be green like Linda, but I'm too blue from the freezing temperatures..

Take care, and have a safe trip home. (When ARE you coming home? Poor schoolboy sounds like he misses you so much!!)