Thursday, November 23, 2006

Random bits and pieces

- In the last 24 hours, the temperature has dropped 24 degrees - from a balmy +12 degrees (Celsius), to a rather cool -12 degrees. Those living in the warmer south may think that's a little whacky, but I don't really mind living in a place with temperature mood swings. It makes life interesting, because it can just as easily swing the other way around.

- If you want to see an amazing sight, visit my office at about 4:30 in the afternoon. I have a view of the highrise office buildings of Winnipeg, and around that time, the sun is beginning to set and it makes all the tall buildings glow a brilliant orange. Breathtaking. Yesterday there was a verigated pink cotton candy effect on the skyline behind it to add to the tapestry.

- Is it just me, or when you see an empty plastic bag dancing in the wind do you remember that amazing scene from American Beauty? Sometimes I see one float up to my fourth floor office window and I have to just stop and stare at the raw beauty of it.

- It's not only raw beauty I see from my office window. Sometimes it's rather ugly. There's a rather seedy hotel across the street and occasionally there are people passed out on the street in a drunken stupor. Once in awhile I see a fight break out. A few weeks ago, there was a car on the sidewalk and police had taped the area off. It turns out, the guy driving the car had died of a heart attack while driving and when his car hit the sidewalk, he'd hit one of the people who was hanging around in front of the hotel.

- Does anyone really care about TomKat's extravagant wedding? Do they think sinking hoardes of money into it is going to make the marriage last longer?

- Speaking of TomKat's wedding, why the heck was Brooke Shields there? Has she no pride?

- And speaking of TomKat's wedding (maybe I do care after all - teehee), don't you just feel horribly sorry for his two older children? They had to watch both of their parents get married in the same year. That's just not fair. It was hard enough for me to get used to the idea of my mom getting remarried and I'm an ADULT and my mom was a widow. I can't imagine how messed up it feels for a kid whose parents are still both alive.

- Does anyone understand why Oprah insists on putting a picture of HERSELF on every single magazine? Is it some kind of huge ego trip, or does that really help sell magazines? I can tell you it's a deterrent for me, but perhaps I'm a minority.


Gina said...

Just as you wrote "floating plastic bag" I thought of American Beauty. Weird!

The whole TomKat thing is just weird.

As for Oprah, I'm not sure why, other than the magazine is named after her. I know that Rosie did the same thing, as did Martha Stewart, altough perhaps MS was not on every cover.

BarnGoddess said...

I could not agree w/ you more about the whole tomkat wedding. he is whacked and she is an idiot for marrying him. I did not know that Brook Shields went to the wedding! Now, I have lost all respect for the woman, she is no better than Cruise.

It is hard seeing your parent marry (my dad was a widow too) when my dad remarried, I was devastated, but got over it when I realized he was not alone anymore and he might have a chance to be happy.

ack! Oprah!! I wont even touch that one ;)

Your sunsets sound beautiful.

Anvilcloud said...

Yes, there is something to be said for climatic variety. It was fristy and misty this morning -- really pretty. Now, the sun has come out, and it looks rather glorious out there.

I rather like Oprah, but that cover thing is mighty tiresome.

Anvilcloud said...

Not only was it fristy, but it was also frosty. :)

tlawwife said...

I couldn't care less about the TomKat thing. I would wish for anyone happiness in their lives but I feel for the children of celebrities having their parent make fools of themselves in public and having all of the press going on, and on about it.

I love sunsets so can imagine the glory of that afternoon view from your office.

When I see plastic bags I look to see if their is a Wal-Mart nearby. It seems out here the Wal-Marts are on the edge of town and the fields next to them are full of empty bags. I think it is because they give people way too many of them and people empty them and then they get away. Anyway I hate to see plastic bags in fields.

ccap said...

Random comments:

- Um, maybe you should spend a little less time looking out your window and I little more time working. He, he.
- Oh yeah, the plastic bag does it to me every time. We really should get together some evening and rewatch that movie.
- Nope, don't care so much about the TomKat situation. But, I will admit, I was a bit perplexed at Brooke being there.
- THANK YOU for the Oprah comment. I have wondered that many times myself.

Linda said...

I can see the same sunset outside my kitchen window. It truly is beautiful. (Now I think I'll go and wash the window so that I don't have to look at the spots tonight.)

Old roommate said...

Hi Heather, is it too late to comment on yesterday's post? Because personally, I think you should keep the jacket. I've done a lot of soul searching on this topic, and I've decided there is nothing immoral or shallow about wanting to look good. Or funky. Or any way you want to look. Having said that, I certainly know what it's like to feel self-conscious in something... so if you ARE going thrift store shopping in the near future and want some company....

Hope said...

yep, 90 bucks goes a long way at value village....
on the other hand, 90 bucks is probably what they spent on an invitation to tomkats wedding.

Vicki said...

1. I've never seen American Beauty.
2. Cruise wedding is crazy. Bless his children. I mean GOD BLESS HIS CHILDREN. At least their Mom isn't a total loon like he has turned out to be. Where are the good ol days when we were thinking he was cute in those dark sunglasses instead of thinking he's a bloomin idiot jumping on the couch?
3. Oprah. I have thought this myself. I think she addressed this question before but I'm not sure what the answer was.

and... I love sunsets. They are a masterpiece with God holding the paintbrush. There is not one sunset that I pass by with ease. I want to stand and gawlk at every single one.

Liz said...

I don't remember that scene in American Beauty, but I do remember that I really didn't like that movie at all.

I have wondered about Oprah too. She must have the hugest ego.

Brooke Shields at the wedding was very odd, but I think I did hear her say that they had resolved their differences or something.