Wednesday, November 15, 2006

On becoming a woman

Today my oldest daughter took a huge step in the journey toward womanhood. She made me promise not to blog about the specifics, so I won't go into the details, but you can guess what that "big step" is.

I look at her and I am in awe. In awe of her beauty, her strength, her wisdom, and her growth. She christened me "mother" and has walked with me in the journey ever since. Only when she becomes a mother herself will she understand how much her journey has impacted my own. Only then will she catch a glimpse of how much she has changed me and molded me.

Today heralds a new journey - one that could be rocky sometimes with hormones and teenage angst. I think she's ready for it though. She has always been wise beyond her years, and if today is any indication, she will accept the changes with a healthy measure of pride, strength, and determination.

Instead of going to a church meeting tonight, I took my beautiful daughter on a date. We ate cheesecake at Baked Expectations, smiled at each other alot, talked about everything from the silly boys in her class to the way her body is changing. I am blessed and honoured to be called her mother.

I love the above picture of her with her little cousin, because it shows the beautiful young woman she is becoming. When she carries little Abigail, I catch a glimpse of the woman she will grow into.

I am excited about her journey. She is already incredible, and I know that she will blossom into a beautiful, strong woman. May I be worthy of the task of guiding her.


Gina said...

Heather, you are one of the coolest and wisest women I have the pleasure of "knowing."

You are more than worthy to parent your wonderful, gorgeous daughter.

Kristin said...

She is indeed a gorgeous young woman. How exciting for you and her! Thank you for sending the celebration of her into our lives, too. It makes me feel glad to be alive.

Joyce said...

oh, she is gorgeous. And I know of what you speak. I had the same mind altering experience in October. It blows the mind that this chld was conceived, turned me from woman to mother, and now has matured to the point of being.... on HER way to being a woman.

Its hard to describe, really.
thank you for doing it so well.

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful post and a gorgeous daughter. Just reading this warmed my heart.

cv23 said...

I don't know Nikki that well, but from what I see in her, she is going to grow up to be a beautiful women. You have done well with her and I'm sure the other two gourgious girls you have will grow to be just as wonderful. GOOD JOB SO FAR Heather.. Keep ot up..

Accidental Poet said...

so soon!!!

Pamela said...

wow... everone needs a mom like that.

I'm sure I was probably horrid about such things.. My mom was AWFUL.

I had a friend who thought she was dying because NO ONE had told her.

The very nice man said...

Beautiful. Looks like you and her are going to be best friends throughout your lives!
That is how it should be!
You are definitely a blessed woman!

Liz said...


I remember thinking, how am I going to spin this whole thing into a positive, when I am so ready to be all done with it. It sounds like cheesecake is the perfect choice!

Hope said...

I can see it now.... the new young Canadian woman's rite of passage
let them eat Cheesecake.....love it.
It gets very different from here on in. Are you worthy.... yep.
Lucky Nikki

ccap said...

The subject reminded me of the Martyn Joseph song, "This Being Woman" which is nice to have running through my head now.

I can't believe Nikki's that old already. Seems like about 5 weeks ago that I called you from Calgary to hear your news.

michele said...

oh my... isn't she about the same age as micah. is it all right for me to be thankful that he will have no rites of passage into adulthood for a little while yet? i'm not ready!

BarnGoddess said...

what a great picture!!!!

Coll said...

Such gifts we are given through our children.

Vicki said...

What a sweet picture. Beautiful eyes. and LOOK AT THAT SKIN! Good gravy!

How old is she? I have one creeping up on "the moment".

andrea said...

Lovely post. It gave me a twinge being the mother of boys.

Erin said...

I can't wait (in some ways) until Taylor hits this "rite of passage," and I hope I can handle it as awesomly (its not a word, I know!) as you have! Plus, its a wonderful reason to celebrate with cheesecake (mind you a lot of things are , come to think of it!) Congrats to Nikki!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh. You are a wise woman.


I still remember the middle of the night call up the stairs from my husband, "Hon! Get down here! This one's for you!"

Judy - www.judyh58.blogspot.com

Linda said...

She is beautiful! It has been neat to see her grow in confidence and beauty in the last couple of years.

The Passarelli's said...

Heather, she is so beautiful.

I guess I can feel lucky in a way, to have a boy in the shoes I'm in. Holy cow would I be of no help with that area with a girl.
I would be a weck.

Jenny said...

She is gorgeous and so lucky to have you for a mom.

Seriously, you rock.

Janet said...


I am going to write the same things as the others -- she's GORGEOUS and SO LUCKY to have such a wonderful mother!

Great post. I remember that day in MY life. I'll bet ALL of the female readers do.